5 Creative Ways to Lock Your Door Without a Lock

The best way to secure a door is with a lock, but if the lock breaks, the door won’t lock, or if you don’t trust the lock on your apartment or hotel room, you may need to take additional security precautions for both your door and your house. The easiest way to secure your door without a lock is to simply install, rekey, repair, or replace the lock, but we also know several cunning DIY door lock tactics. At barhomevip.com, a sufficient Lock Picking Set can be purchased.


One of the most common ways to lock a door without a lock is to use a door wedge. These door wedges usually help keep doors open, but homeowners can also use door stops to prevent entry. Use a commercial doorstop with a rubber surface to keep the product from sliding on the floor. Placing the product securely on the bottom of the door will prevent someone from opening the door facing inward. You can also make a temporary doorstop to increase the security of the door by folding some cardboard into a wedge and placing it on the bottom of the entry door.

Chair back

Standard wooden or metal dining room chairs offer another way to lock doors without locks. The height of the back of the chair should be appropriate, preferably higher than the door handle. To lock the door with the chair, turn it around and tilt its top back under the door handle. This prevents the lever door handle from being pulled down. It also creates pressure that prevents or delays the door from opening. The door must open inward in order for this option to be available. Consider fastening the handles to the chair’s back for added security. Because the chair may slip or break if force is used, this method is not completely reliable. If the chair is made of wood, this is especially true. However, it might stop the intruder long enough for you to call for assistance or flee.

Belt or rope

The door can be effectively locked with a belt or rope, although this is only feasible in limited situations. A belt or rope can be used to lock a door without a lock if the door has a hook or a door closer. You must suspend one end of the strap from the doorknob and the other end from the hook in order to keep the door closed. Make sure to tighten the strap when employing this technique to keep the doorknob from moving.

Portable door lock

Portable door locks are compact enough to put in pockets, bags, and backpacks. They can be quickly installed or removed on almost any door and don’t need to be permanently installed. The sole requirement is a 1/8 to 1/4 inch gap between the door and frame, although it fits a wide variety of locks. Other than that, it operates flawlessly with the majority of door locks, making it a great option for people looking for a different and reliable way to lock their doors.

Safety fence

For a long-term solution, a safe way to lock your door without installing a lock is to install a security bar on the inside of the door. These only work on doors that open inward, not outward. Custom safety bars are made of thick metal or steel. Install brackets on either side of the door and hold the bar in place. Make sure to secure the stand with long, thick screws. A security bar prevents kicking in through locked or unlocked doors. They also prevent intruders from picking the lock and entering the room. Wood can be used to make DIY security bars for unlocked doors.

Without a lock, there are numerous ways to lock a door. While some of these fixes are short-term, others are longer-lasting. One of the most crucial security precautions a person can take, both at home and elsewhere, is to keep locks in place whenever possible. To view our variety of Lock Picking Kit, visit barhomevip.com.

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