About US

Welcome to my blog 600pu.com, which looks at video game blogging. While it’s a bit “Inception-like,” it’s been my experience as I’ve tried and tested various methods, techniques, and so-called shortcuts to success. Where I failed, I learned, and all this lovely knowledge is ready to share with you.

FAQ about 600pu.com
What is this blog about?
You will find site to focus largely on all hottest video games. This includes some reviews, previews, and blurbs in general. I guess you could say I’m a gaming journeyman, who want to share all kinds of knowlege about video games, such as WoW WotLK Classic, FIFA 23, NBA 2K23, Flyff Universe and more!

What kind of games do you enjoy the most?
Outside of anything Sports game, I enjoy JRPGs, Fighting Games, Platformers, and Action/Adventure games.

What do you enjoy doing?
First, I like playing video games. I enjoy playing both single player games and fighting games. I also occasionally play Overwatch and Splatoon. I will try all my effort to write the best video game guides! If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected].