Destiny 2: How To Earn The Discerptor Title

With the arrival of Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted, players have a brand new seasonal quest to complete, and that is to earn the Discerptor title, which is comparable to most team titles and requires you to clear enough Duality dungeons to prove full mastery. If you want to earn the Discerptor title in Destiny 2, you can do so by having plenty of D2 Silver in the game, checking out our guide on the subject and following the guidelines we’ve provided to complete the challenge early and earn the Discerptor title.

Victories required for the Discerptor title in Destiny 2

In order to earn the Discerptor title in Destiny 2 faster, players must complete all 11 victories associated with the Double Dungeon.

Thought Stealer:

Complete the Duality dungeon. If this is your first Duality run, the Solar subclass is recommended. the healing provided by Solar is invaluable for most encounters.

Solo Thoughtstealer:

Complete all encounters in the Duality dungeon. This victory must be completed in a single run for it to count. To kill the Duality dungeon boss in Destiny 2, the Hunter and Titan subclasses are recommended, with the Nightstalker providing the best survivability of all the Hunter subclasses.

Master Thoughtstealer:

Complete the binary dungeon on Master difficulty. the Duality dungeon does not have any new mechanics on Master difficulty, but it is made more difficult by the addition of modifiers and enemy shields. Here’s our advice: bring Arbalest, Lament, Gjallarhorn, a good Legendary Rocket Launcher and a Linear Fusion Rifle and choose the Hunter, Titan and Warlock subclasses.

Duality badges:

Gain access to all items that drop from the Duality dungeon. the Duality dungeon has 14 unique items that can be dropped from encounters. You must obtain this dungeon’s exotic weapon, Heartshadow, in order to earn the Discerptor title.

Assassin’s Lament:

Gain the exotic sword Heartshadow. Heartshadow is an exotic sword that drops at the end of the Duality dungeon and has a 10% base drop chance, players can increase their chance of dropping Heartshadow by completing the victories Solo Mind Thief, Mind Thief Master and Mind Heist.

Mind Heist:

Steal Calus’ repressed memories. Repressed memories are collectibles that you can find in the Duality dungeon. There are 12 memories in total. Memories can be found at any time during multiple runs.

Arc Fireteam Completion:

Complete all encounters in the Duality dungeon using the full Arc subclass Fireteam. To complete this victory, choose Hunter, Titan and Warlock.

Solar Fireteam Completion:

Complete all encounters in the Duality dungeon with a full Solar subclass fireteam. Solar is the easiest element to defeat in Duality, and the ample healing and damage gain should make this dungeon a breeze for most professions.

Voidfire Squad Completion:

Complete all encounters in the Duality dungeon with a full fireteam of the Void subclass. Void is a pretty powerful element after its 3.0 conversion. Focus on Engulf or Stealth and you should have no problem clearing these encounters.

Secret Union:

Complete all encounters in the Duality dungeon with a full squad of battlegroup mates. This title requires you to complete a series of pairings with a clan member, which is usually associated with a team title.

Cohort Unity:

Complete all encounters in the Duality dungeon with a full fireteam of the same level. For more DPS, everyone can run Dawnblade Warlock with Starfire Protocol or Gunslinger Hunter with Blade Barrage.

In summary, to learn how to beat double dungeons and earn the Discerptor title, players would do well to run these victories with a fire team for more extra firepower. Players who want to learn more about how to earn other titles in Destiny 2 and more are welcome to subscribe to our blog at, where we will update with more details about the game to follow.

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