Beginner’s Guide to Valheim: Tips and Hints

Valheim is a Viking-themed indie game, and the sprawling Viking world can be a little overwhelming your first time around. As a new player, it may be difficult to get started smoothly in Valheim at the beginning. There are many things you need to figure out by yourself, even if there will be some pop-up windows to remind you from time to time. Whether you’re playing alone with friends, you’ll have a lot to learn in this harsh survival sandbox game. So this guide will bring you some guides on Valheim for beginners, before starting the game you need to prepare enough Valheim Items for emergencies.

Gather initial resources

You’ll spend a lot of time in Valheim gathering resources, but chopping trees and breaking rocks won’t work until you have any tools. Instead, look for fallen branches on the forest floor to pick them up, loose stones can also be found near larger rocks, and flint can be found on the ground near rivers and oceans. Most resources have a spawning place, so no matter where you go before, these resources will also respawn in the places you have found.

Get the most out of map markers

If you don’t want to get lost or explore dungeons you haven’t prepared yet, remember to place map markers, just press M on your keyboard to open the world map. Once the map is open, just click on one of the five different charts in the lower right corner. With the icon selected, double-click the area on the map you want to mark to create a marker, which you can then name whatever you like. To clear a marker, simply right-click to remove it from the map.

Repairing armor, tools and weapons costs nothing

As a new player, you’ll spend a lot of time scavenging for food, mining ores, and fighting enemies in Valheim, all of which will cost you armor, tools, and weapons. The cool thing about Valheim is that players can repair any armor, tool and weapon at the forge and workbench for free, you just need to bring the broken tool to the workbench or forge, click the repair icon near the crafting menu and it will be free Repairs random tools in the inventory that require repairs.

Eat different foods to boost health and stamina

Eating food increases your max health and stamina for a while, and it heals you for every hit of health. You can eat up to three different things at once, all their effects are active and stack, you can’t eat another of the same food until the timer runs out, icons to the left of the health bar help you keep track. Eating will instantly increase your stamina bar, but it won’t heal you instantly, it will only increase the maximum amount of health you can restore.

The above is the beginner’s guide to Valheim. I believe that after reading the above guide, you can better welcome the Viking world of Valheim in the game. You can subscribe to for more Valheim game news and guides.

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