How to Get All Tribute Deck Stories in Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online gamers now have access to a brand-new mini-game called Tales of Tribute with the release of High Isle. In this game, players must acquire all eight Tales of Tribute decks. Tales of Tribute is a card game that was first included in ESO’s High Isle expansion. It has a complete set of rules and is all about outwitting your opponent and changing your player’s tactics based on the cards they are dealt. To assist them obtain every Tribute Deck story, players can prepare adequate Elder Scrolls Online Gold in the game.

What is ESO Tribute Legends

Elder Scrolls Online’s Tales of Tribute, a two-player deck collectible card game, debuts in June 2022 along with the High Isle chapter. The game provides ranked PVE and PVP modes, a single-player narrative, and seasonal leaderboards. With a focus on resource development, Tales of Tribute offers a shared card pool that players may use to improve their decks.

Players looking for information on the fundamentals of the card game, how to use each deck, and its strengths and weaknesses should consult the ESO Tales of Tribute Decks Guide. We go over each one, detailing tactics for using them in the Tales of Tribute card game.

How to Get All Tribute Deck Stories in Elder Scrolls Online

The first four decks we were able to unlock in Tales of Tribute will be given away for free once we finish the lesson for the Gonfalon Game Hall in Gonfalon Bay.

Ansei Frandar Hunding

Players must locate and gather a total of 5 deck fragments in order to unlock this deck; these can typically be found through various High Island and Amenons activities. The deck fragments are:

Diplomat Fragment.

Delver fragment.

Hero Fragment.

Geomantic fragment.

Slayer Fragment.

Rajhin, the purring liar

Another deck included in the assignment the player has set for himself is this one. It is important to focus on achieving the knight of the Flower of Tribute’s achievement in order to learn how to obtain all Tales of Tribute decks. This is why it’s important to take care of Complete the following assignments:

Heart tournament.

Race for honor.

The curse of all flags.

An experiment with peace.

Blood, books and steel.

In secret and in the shade.

A Final Peace.

Red Eagle, King of Reach

In order to approach the NPC of the Gonfalon Gaming Hall at level 8 in Tales of Tribute in Elder Scrolls Online, we had to acquire the following deck in addition to finishing the quest:

A new company.

The tournament begins.

Challenges of the past.

The final round.

Sorcerer-King Orgnum

Once we’ve successfully finished the Tales of Tribute tale, we’ll be able to advance to Master Rank, which requires that we take care to defeat the game’s five designers, who are often dispersed throughout Tamriel, in order to obtain the ultimate deck, which consists of:

Fillia: Grahtwood at Sweetbreeze Cottage

Linyia: Found in Craglorn in Shada’s Tear.

Murzaga: It’s located in Rivenspire in Ravenwatch Castle, but needs to start the quest “Shornhelm Divided” near the castle.

Nhorhim: Located in Eastmarch, south of Hermit’s Hideout Striking Locale.

Author: It’s in Cold Harbor in the Hollow City, across the bridge south of the Wayshrine.

The detailed instructions on how to obtain every Tribute Deck story in Elder Scrolls Online are provided above. Visit for more Elder Scrolls Online instructions.

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