GTA Online: How to Get the Musket

Players are constantly in awe of GTA Online’s enormous selection of weapons. There are countless alternatives, ranging from enormous military-grade tanks with long-range missiles to something as traditional and elegant as a musket. The musket from Grand Theft Auto Online is a lethal ranged weapon in the right hands. Players can only purchase this pistol, though, during specific occasions. Players must have enough GTA V Online Money in the game before following this guide’s instructions on how to acquire firearms in GTA Online mode.

How to get Muskets

Grand Theft Auto V’s base game makes it rather simple to acquire muskets. It was accessible in the game’s original version by simply downloading the relevant DLC. After finishing Mr. Richard’s quest in the Enhanced Version, players can purchase the musket for $21,400 from the Ammu-Nation.

Despite one annoying drawback, players who want to use the gun in GTA Online warfare can also purchase it from Ammu-Nation. Only on July 4th each year may rifles be purchased. As a result, those who wish to access it must ensure that they obtain it by July 4th. Fortunately, once a Musket is bought, they can always use it indefinitely. For many devoted GTA Online players, limited-time exclusives are now considered to be a “badge of honor.”

How to Use a Firearm Effectively

It’s challenging to suggest the musket as a primary weapon in the majority of situations when compared to the very advanced weapons players have access to in Grand Theft Auto Online. The worst part about it is how long it takes to reload and how noisy and slow it is. If a player wants to deal a lot of damage rapidly, they have better options. Muskets are used for amusement or to demoralize your adversaries.

Beyond that suggestion, here’s a better look at Musket’s actual stats on paper.

Damage: 165 hp

Range: 250 meters

Ammo Capacity: 1

Rate of Fire: 1.567

Reload speed: 4.56 seconds

It’s important to note that assault rifles and machine guns readily outperform the musket in fast-paced firefights due to its limited clip capacity and incredibly sluggish reload rate. However, it’s advisable to stay with weapons that every GTA Online player should own, like the Universal Special Carbine MK2, due to the restricted supply of weaponry.

However, as players using high-firing weaponry won’t be able to reliably hit their targets, muskets are perhaps more effective as long-range guns. As long as players make sure their shots don’t miss, the musket’s tremendous damage output makes it a great weapon for knocking down opponents and even damaging vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online. In the game, players can prepare enough GTA 5 Money to assist in purchasing weapons.

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