Lost Ark August and September Roadmap Updates: Including Pet Ranch and Mechanic

Just earlier this month, the Lost Ark developers couldn’t post a news update on the game’s official website outlining plans for the MMORPG Lost Ark in the coming months. While July’s Spell of Spades updates the Arcanist Advanced Class, Valtan Inferno Raid, Maharaka Summer Festival, Challenge Abyssal Raids, new progression events, and more, players are more curious about the upcoming summer months in August and September. What’s coming to Arkesia, so we’ll be covering here what’s coming in August and September, and players can also get Cheap Lost Ark Gold ready to play early.

August Update – The Arrival of Pet Ranch

The ongoing Maharaka festival will get a new event in the August update, the leaves of the Maharaka tree in Maharaka heaven will bring good luck, so collect as many of these leaves as you can during the Maharaka festival can be exchanged for mounts and animal skins Wait.

Plus, Pet Ranch is the perfect place to play, grow, and earn rewards with your pets. This new feature, which is planned to be introduced to the game in the August update, will appeal to those who like to keep pets in the game. You can play with your pets, keep them and get rewards. After you unlock the farm, cave and have your own pet, you will unlock a special quest called “Yeah, Pet Ranch” and start the quest. You’ll be able to earn a new item called Jelly Cookies, which you can exchange for rewards. And restore your pet’s morale, manage your pet’s functions, and get jelly cookies that can be exchanged for precious rewards.

September Update – Introduction of the Mechanic Advanced Course

Going into September is planned to provide two major updates. The first update will include some key backend tech updates and some quality of life updates, including adding content that was recently included in the Korean version. These improvements include a PVP class balance patch, better PVP and guild systems, improved controller support, cross-server interaction improvements, and new class hairstyles, paving the way for the second update in September.

The second update in September will be a major update, including new premium classes, Legion raids, and events. This update will also include some server merges, and will continue to monitor which worlds can use merges, providing comprehensive details on which servers are being merged and how the merge feature is leading to the update. It also includes a new senior career mechanic, the Gunner’s fifth senior career. Unlike other classes, this class has high-tech armor and weapons, as well as a combat system that charges around energy cores to increase attack damage.

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