WoW Classic WotLK: How To Fly In Cold Weather In Northrend

Flying in Northrend requires cold weather flying, a special riding skill practiced only in Northrend. Once you reach the frost-covered lands of Northrend in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, your mount will take you where you need to go, but only on the ground. But since flying in cold weather, you need to get over the cold weather in Northrend right away, so you can buy plenty of WotLK Classic Gold to prepare for flying in cold weather.

Meet the flight conditions:

Unlike other riding skills, Cold Weather Flying does not grant the player a faster mount, it only allows you to fly in Northrend. Flying in cold weather requires players to reach level 77 and receive professional riding training to use this skill in Northrend.

Use a mount

The role of mounts cannot be underestimated, they will take you anywhere you want to go, help you transport your cargo, and they even look great in transit, but they mostly do so on the ground. With the Wrath Classic, you can make a big difference, as Cold Weather Flying lets you soar through the frigid air on your own flying mount. . For players level 77 or higher, a loaner mount can be obtained from the “Honest” Max in Storm Peaks K3. However, these flying mounts can be dull or stubborn, and they only travel at 60% speed in Storm Peak, Soloza Basin, and Icecrown.

Learn to fly in cold weather and get into flight form

In order to learn the skill of flying with a mount, you need to be level 77 and be trained in expert riding or druid flying form. This skill costs 1,000 gold.

Here are the trainers who can help you learn:

Roxi Ramrocket at Storm Peak K3.

Vic in the heart of the river, Solaza Basin

Sheila Snowdahn at Krasus Landing in Dalaran. Hira also offers the Cold Weather Flying Book to let your alt learn cold weather flying at level 68 without wasting a lot of time and money.

Get prestige discounts is better for flying

While it is possible to learn Expert and Artisan riding skills in cold weather in Northrend through the Cold Weather Flight Trainer, you can also fly in the cold weather of Northrend from Maigra Keenfeather in Valiance Keep (Alliance) or Wind Rider in Warsong Hold (Horde) in Borean Tundra Sabamba gets prestige discounts. Also, depending on your prestige, you may get a bigger discount through Hagen Bronzewing in Honor Hold or Jahubo the Wind Rider in Thrallma, Hellfire Peninsula. All of these prestige discounts can help you fly better in cold weather in Northrend.

We are proud to be here to bring you information on how best to fly in the cold weather of Northrend, the above flying conditions and requirements hope you will keep in mind and fly freely in the cold weather of Northrend. If you find this guide helpful, please subscribe to our blog, we will keep updating more game guides about WoW Classic WotLK.

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