Minecraft: How To Get Amethyst Shards And What To Do With Amethyst Shards

Amethyst is a brand new item in Minecraft, and although it has only a few uses, the amethyst is a clever way to incorporate copper into the game. So if players want to collect amethyst in the game, you can read our guide, we will introduce you how to get amethyst shards and the use of amethyst shards, you can also prepare enough Minecraft for Windows Game Coins in advance .

Where to Find Amethyst Geodes in Minecraft

The best way to find amethyst geodes in Minecraft is to go directly underground and start mining, amethyst lenses generally spawn between Y-64 and Y-30. These lenses are relatively large and often rupture, and the faint light they emit can be seen from a distance. When you find smooth basalt while mining, this is the dark outer layer of an amethyst geode. Break through this dark outer layer to find calcite, inside you’ll find clusters of amethyst.

How to get Amethyst Shards from Amethyst Clusters in Minecraft

Amethyst Shards can only be mined from in-game Amethyst Clusters, and Amethyst Clusters can spawn anywhere. Once you find an amethyst cluster, mine it with a non-silk touch, non-wealth iron, diamond, or netherite pickaxe and you’ll get four amethyst shards. If you mine it with any other tool or item, it will only drop two shards. If you want to get more amethyst shards, you can use a tool with the “Fortune” enchantment, Fortune I has a 33% chance of getting 8 shards, Fortune II has a 25% chance of getting 8 or 12 shards, Fortune III There is a 20% chance of getting 8, 12 or 16 shards from each Amethyst Cluster. If you want to get the entire amethyst cluster, you can use a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment.

Uses of Amethyst Shards

Making tinted glass

Tinted glass is another new item in Minecraft that absorbs all light and is able to block light completely. A piece of glass with amethyst shards above, below and on both sides will produce two tinted glass pieces. Tinted glass is a building material, and if passed through this new tinted glass block, light from a flashlight or beacon will appear completely dark. It cannot suffocate mobs, but can be reused after being broken.

Make a telescope

Spyglass is another new feature in Minecraft that fans have been eagerly waiting for. Amethyst Shards are a key ingredient in the telescope crafting recipe. Place an Amethyst Shard on two copper ingots to create a telescope. Telescopes allow players to effectively zoom in to see distant objects, similar to how real-life telescopes work.

For lighting and decoration

Amethyst clusters emit five light levels at full production, and dimmer clusters of amethyst produce a dimmer light effect that can create an eerie atmosphere in a room. Plus, the shape of the amethyst block is unique, and its purple textured hue is a solid choice for certain niche buildings.

Make music

The sound of amethyst blocks bumping against other objects or being hit by other objects is also beautiful, the sound it makes is soothing and similar to a long bell, it’s a beautiful sound, any other sound in the game Can’t compare to this kind of sound of nature.

These are the relevant guides on how to obtain amethyst shards and their functions in Minecraft. If you think this article is well analyzed, please pay attention to our blog 600pu.com. For more game news and strategies related to Minecraft, we will Keep updating here.

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