Diablo 2 Resurrection: How to Find the Location of the Spider Cave in D2R

The Spider Cave is one of the more challenging areas of Diablo 2: Resurrection, as it can take a while to explore the Spider Forest and find it. In Diablo 2 Resurrection, players need to find the Spider Cave in Chapter 3 to obtain the Eye of Kalim to create Kalim’s Will. So if you need to upgrade your weapons in the game you can buy enough Diablo 2 Resurrected Gold in advance.

The location of the spider hole

Since all areas in Diablo 2 are randomly generated in the game session, all in-game cave locations are also random, but it cannot be ignored that it is always in the spider forest area, such as the Act III town area library Jungle location next to Rust Pier. In order to complete Karim’s Will quest in Chapter 3, you now need to find the Eye of Karim. While the Eye of Karim is located in the cave, it can be found in the golden chest guarded by the super unique monster, the Burning Sazzak.

How to find spider holes in D2R

Since the in-game maps are randomly generated, missions like “Halim’s Will” or “Tools of the Trade” are difficult to complete. Players will need to collect several pieces to complete the Will of Karim, of which the Eye of Karim is located in the Spider Cave.

The spider forest and spider cave are full of dangers, to enter the spider cave, you need to find the Eye of Karim. The item can be found in a gold chest, but it is guarded by a burning sazak, there are players in the party or mercenaries who can help defeat this boss, if the player has difficulty defeating the boss with the current build, D2R provides a respect for the player character options to help them defeat the boss more easily.

Players can find a cave in the ground surrounded by spiders, but the monsters in this area can be difficult, so make sure to take advantage of the mercenaries in D2R to help fight. After entering the game options from the main menu, select the minimap to display in the middle of the item while exploring the vast area.

It’s a smart move to check the environment around the spider forest so the player can identify the area where the cave is, it might be in the center. If the player can’t find it, there is an option to save and launch the D2R item game, then reload to create a new random spider forest map and a new spider cave location, this can help speed up the game, remember to use the starting area and put the route directly Point to the Spider Forest. A fresh start should be the second reboot to find the items you need to find the first time.

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