Rust Auto Turret Guide: How to Make and Set Up

Auto turrets are a necessary defense when building Rust bases with lots of open space. It lets players protect themselves and their base by setting them up to autoally detect and shoot at enemy targets, and the ability to track and destroy targets within their line of sight is very useful for Rust’s defense mechanics. Players can purchase a sufficient Cheap Rust Instruments Pack in-game to prepare for setting up an auto turret.

How to make an auto turret

1. Purchasing a three-level workbench

Players can create various projects based on existing materials and then based on blueprints. Purchasing a level 3 workbench requires making a basic level 1 workbench and moving on. Here are the materials required for each level of workbench:

Workbench Level 1: 500 Wood, 100 Metal Shards, and 50 Scrap.

Workbench Level 2: 500 Metal Shards, 20 Fine Metal, and 500 Scrap.

Workbench Level 3: 1000 Metal Fragments, 100 Fine Metals, and 1250 Scrap.

2. Access to the three resources of CCTV cameras, target computers and high-quality metals

These resources can all be found in the world cleanup after the Attack Helicopter event. Players sometimes get all the resources they need from helicopters by coincidence, and if high-quality metals are not found, they can also be smelted from furnaces. When the player has all the materials ready, they can bring 1 CCTV camera, 1 aiming computer and 40 pieces of high quality metal to the level 3 workbench to make 1 auto turret.

How to properly set up an auto turret

Get the blueprint

1. Buy an auto turret with scrap from the outpost vending machine and go to the site to research it.

2. The highest drop rate container for auto turrets is the supply drop, the supply drop has a 40% chance to contain auto turrets and other very useful armor and weapons.

3. Locked crates, oil rigs and other monuments have a 2% chance of containing auto turrets.

4. Players are willing to exchange auto turrets for scraps or other ideal basic components in the game, and some look for shops on the map or inquire in the public chat.

Gather materials

An auto turret requires an aiming computer, a CCTV camera, and 10 pieces of high-quality metal. These can be obtained from crates or by mining metal nodes, recycling other components.

Make and place

Crafting an auto turret requires a level 2 workbench. After making the auto turret, you need to find the best position for the turret.

Choose weapon

Setting up an auto turret requires placing the weapon in the turret setup. The turret used to be equipped with an auto rifle, but now has a modular slot that can hold your weapon of choice.


Setting up an auto turret now requires 10 electricity to run; this means that even a small battery can power an auto turret.

Reload and repair

First, power down the auto turret to reload it. Without power, the turret will retract, allowing the player to provide auto turrets or change their player permissions. You can repair the turret with a hammer, but it will cost you high-quality metal. It can also be serviced on a repair stand in high quality metal, CCTV cameras and target computers.

Pair with the RUST app

Once you’ve learned how to pair your RUST app with your base’s smart components, they can be triggered or turned on even when you’re offline.

The above is a guide on how to make and set up an auto turret. I hope you will be able to help you effectively defend and attack in the game after reading it. More Rust game news and guides will continue to be updated on in the future.

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