Wrath of Warcraft Classic: Arms Warrior PvE Guide (WotLK)

Arms Warrior is a two-handed weapon melee damage dealer in the classic Wrath of the Lich King in World of Warcraft. They are well-trained combatants who can master many forms of combat and a wide variety of weapons used in most war zones. So this guide will inform you of the Arms Warrior PvE guide in WotLK, and you can buy WoW WotLK Classic Gold to upgrade your character and gear.

Stat priority for Arms Warrior

The biggest contributor to Arms Warrior damage is the DPS of the main hand weapon. When choosing between gear, players tend to choose the item with the higher item level because it will have more stats overall. Hit chance, expertise cap, and armor penetration are also important.

Hit rate (up to 8% cap*)


Armor Penetration/Crit Rating

Expertise (up to 6.5% cap*)


Haste rating

Attack power

1 Strength gives 2 Attack Speed and 1 Dexterity gives 2 Armor. The crit rating is important for generating more rage, it is good for the piercing talent, and the crit also applies to serious injuries. Armor Penetration reduces the target’s armor to a maximum of 100%.

Arms Warrior Skill Rotation

The main things players prioritize when playing Arms Warrior is keeping Rend, 5 tiers of Sunder Armor on the main objective, and keeping Battle Shout or Commanding Shout (whichever is more needed). With these three factors taken care of, prioritize the use of overpowering abilities, once available, then execute when sudden death is available.

If all of the above are dealt with, follow this skill prioritization:

Blood rage

Heroic throw


Heroic Strike (unleash excess rage)

Fatal blow



Grand Slam

For cleave scenarios with 2-3 targets, continue to rip on all targets, then use Sweeping Strike and replace Heroic Strike with Cleave.

For multi-target scenes with more than 3 targets, to keep tearing on the main target, we use Thunder Clap, then Bladestorm, Sweeping Strikes, and Cleave. Then follow the main skills first.

Advantages of Arms Warrior

Strong single target damage

Arms Warrior can top the DPS charter in single-target combat with the right knowledge and proper gear.

High liquidity

Arms fighters benefit from ample mobility, allowing them to move quickly on any battlefield. First, thanks to the Juggernaut talent, you can use Charge in battle. Second, you can use both interception and intervention to gain more advantage in combat.

Decent AoE capabilities

Arms Warrior has decent AoE abilities with the help of Bladestorm, Sweeping Strikes, Cleave, and Whirlwind, but they can’t compare to Fury Warriors, which is generally weaker in dealing damage to multiple enemies.

Licensing other occupations that use bleed

Arms Warriors benefit from a unique talent called Trauma, which allows you to enhance all types of bleed effects on your target! This can be very powerful when combined with Feral Druids on the same team!

Disadvantages of Arms Warrior

Highly dependent on gears

Weapon warriors need a lot of gear to generate sustained damage. Therefore, due to their reliance on armor penetration, they will be at a disadvantage in Phase 1 of the expansion.

Seen as a weak/niche major

Arms Warriors is somewhat seen as a niche specialization for PvE, labelled by the community as being primarily a PvP specialization with no survivability in PvE. However, don’t be discouraged by such views! With the proper knowledge and technique, you will be able to take your place in the DPS chart.

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