Ultimate World of Warcraft WOTLK Classic Gold Coin Farming Guide

Wrath of the Lich King Gold Coin, also known as WotLK Classic Gold Coin, is the virtual currency in the game. Players will need WoW WotLK Classic Gold in WotLK Classic, whether buying new gear and weapons to level up their character or riding a flying mount in Northrend. If players want to win the battle against the Lich King, they need to equip their characters with the best weapons and armor. This guide will show players how to farm WotLK Classic Gold of Warcraft.

Importance of WoW WotLK Classic Gold

WoW WotLK Classic Gold can be used in-game to purchase new equipment and weapons to upgrade your character, including in-game mounts, pets, and drag items. Gold is vital in WotLK Classic, especially for players starting World of Warcraft for the first time or planning to craft a new character on a fresh start server, who need WotLK Classic Gold for the most basic needs. First they need to pay 1000WotLK Gold to unlock Cold Weather Flight, this flight is very important for players who want to traverse the snowy terrain of Northrend.

Best WotLK Classic Gold Farm Points

Large Mammoth Farming in the Sholazar Basin

You can grow Brokentooth Bulls, Brokentooth Calfs, and Brokentoothed Mammoths here. They drop Chunk o’ Mammoth, a specialty meat used in high-end cooking recipes, priced at 1-3 grams per piece. They also drop quite a bit of grey and the occasional green and can be sold or DE’d. Finally, they can be skinned by skinners. Additionally, around this area are several Saronite nodes for miners, gas clouds for engineers, and herbs for herbalists.

Rhino Meat Farming in the Borean Tundra

This is another meat farm where players can grow furry rhino bulls, rhino calves and rhino matriarchs. They come in packs of 5-6 and are perfect for AOE flashing. Players can easily farm 400 rhino meat per hour here, plus some hawker junk and frozen meat. Rhino meat can effectively be sold in groups of 5.

Planting Eternals at Wintergrasp

Another way to earn gold is to go to the PVP area: Wintergrasp. Players can grow crystalline life from full-fledged Living Lashers, which can be skinned with herbs for some extra herbs and life. When your faction controls Wintergrasp, you will see the following types of mobs, which are guaranteed to drop their respective elemental types.

AIR – Tempest Revenant

EARTH – Earth Revenant

FIRE – Fire Revenant

LIFE – Mature Flayer

Water – water soul

SHADOW – Shadow Revenant

Plant Wailing Winds in Storm Peaks

Another good place is a small cave in Storm Peak, where howling mobs respawn fast, and the cave is small, so there will be new mobs every time you run back and forth. The downside though is that their charge can stun you for a few seconds if you move away from it.

Mine Felite Ore in Hell Peninsula

Even though Fel Iron belongs to the TBC, Hellfire Peninsula is still a noteworthy area for those looking for quick gold. The ore sells very well because people are still proficient in engineering, blacksmithing and jewelry craftsmanship, which leads to high demand for it.

I hope that after reading the above guide, players can effectively grow WoW WotLK Classic Gold, and we will continue to update more guides about WOTLK.

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