Destiny 2: How to Find the Secret Treasure Chest in King’s Fall

King’s Fall’s Secret Chest is a great way to get some extra weapons and armor from returning raids, and to get modules for the player’s raid armor. So this guide will show players how they can find the Secret Chest in King’s Fall in Destiny 2. Also, players can provide plenty of Destiny 2 Silver for finding the Secret Chest.

How to find the secret treasure chest in the fall of the king

Treasure Chest 1: Tomb Ship

The first secret treasure chest can be found early in the raid. After completing dipping the sphere into the statue, you will reach the point where you need two people standing on the plate to get to the other side in the Hive Tomb Ship. You will need your teammate on the plate to remain stationary to reach this chest. Before you reach the wall that is usually blocked by a barrier, look to the left of your ship and you will see a spine sticking out of the wall. Jump off the boat and land carefully on the spine. It is tilted and can easily slip off, so you need to be careful. After landing safely, you will see the wall outcropping extending up and to the left. Jump over and walk slowly to the side until you reach the door, which will open as long as your friend is still on the plate and you can cross the wall. Grab the secret treasure chest in front of you, then walk to the doorway on the right and stand on the plate waiting for your ally to come walking your way. Grab the secret treasure chest for yourself.

Treasure Chest 2: The Crypt of Gorgoroth

The second secret treasure chest is located in Golgoroth’s Crypt, after the War Priest encounter, and requires you to navigate through the maze and each player must stand on the plates in a specific order. there is another secret chest in Golgoroth’s Maze that is easy to get if you know the layout. There are five plates in this room, and you need to stand on each plate in a specific order for the treasure chest to be generated.

The blocks and their locations are as follows.

At the beginning of the maze, one player should go to the right. Eventually, they hit a dead end with a small alcove to the right, which is where the first plate is located.

The second disk is in the corridor to the left of the maze exit. At the end of the corridor, the designated player should turn left and they will see the plate.

The third plate can be found in the left corridor near the entrance of the maze.

The fourth plate is located near the end of the left-center corridor of the maze. Players should look for a hole near the top of the wall so they can bypass the blocked door that is in their way. Carefully jump down and move towards the plate directly in front of them.

The fifth and final plate can be found at the end of the corridor to the right of the exit.

Treasure Chest 3: Piston Jump Map

After Golgoroth, you will eventually reach an area with traps that will side-step you off the platform. This is where the third secret treasure chest is located. When someone steps on the first plate, look to the right and lift your ghost to reveal some hidden platforms on the other side of the canyon. Use these to climb up under the archway and they will lead to the doorway and the room with the chest. As with the first chest, someone will need to stand on the plate, but you can swap with them after you get the chest.

This is the location of the secret treasure chest in Destiny 2 China King Fall. If you want more news advice and guides in Destiny 2, you can subscribe to for more useful information.

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