League of Legends Skin Preview: Halloween Horror Nights

League of Legends has another slew of new skins coming online that will be available in an upcoming patch update. These include the long-awaited Night of Horror skin, which coincides with the upcoming Halloween and has players looking forward to new skins for winning the game. So this guide will introduce players to the preview of the Halloween Horror Nights skin for League of Legends here, and players can also prepare enough League of Legends RP in advance.

In the upcoming patch, there will be a subversive flip of the League of Legends skin, and the MOBA game will have a good time at some point or event in 12 months. At this time, Annie, Trundle, Draven, Urgot and Renata Glasc are all getting a Halloween makeover. Most versions don’t actually have an overt horror theme, but focus on the scariest time of the year.

The Fright Night skin collection is one of the most anticipated. This is because it is a revised version of Gothic. Azir’s Worlds 2022 and Sylas’ Ashen Knight cosmetics are also expected to be released at the same time. The champions included in the new horror-themed Fright Nights skin collection will be Urgot, Draven, Trundle, Renata Glasc, Annie, and Nautilus.

Fright Night Urgot

Urgot’s visible twist bears a lot of resemblance to Oogie Boogie, the animated burlap sack stuffed with disgusting crawlers, and there’s nothing scarier than a sack full of crawlers in the Rift.

Fright Night Annie

Anne wears Victorian clothes and has only a soft spot for voodoo dolls. Tibbers, lurking in the background, are terrifying protectors, weaving a whole new victim for the Dark Children.

Fright Night Drawn

The hockey mask and chainsaw are classics and a perfect match for Draven, and more traditional horror stories are brought to life here.

Fright Night Nautilus and Renata Glasc

Like Morticia and Gomez, dancing in the dark surrounded by cobwebs and different, strange monsters. Renata donned a pinstriped suit with beetle juice hues, and her batwing drone watched Annie as she played backstage.

Fright Night Trundle

The werewolves encountered the axemen wearing Trundle’s hideous nocturnal skin. He eats garbage during the full moon and patrols the courtyard of an (unquestionably) haunted house. I believe a little hut pops up when he also uses his E skill, which is pretty.

Fans’ overall assessment of the Fright Nights skin collection was positive, with people commenting that the designs were so unique compared to some of the earlier selections that they looked like they belonged in a completely different game, and were incompatible with League of Legends’ The basic art styles are quite different.

All of these new skins are now on the PBE and will be released soon in patch 12.18. For more other League of Legends news and guides, you can subscribe to 600pu.com for information.

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