Roblox: How to Get the Cursed Twin Samurai Swords in Blox Fruits (CDK)

The Cursed Double Samurai Sword is one of several new weapon items added to the base game during the patch 17.3 update. If you want to obtain a unique weapon like the Cursed Double Samurai Sword, you must complete the set of quests given in the Tushita and Yama reels. This guide will help you and show you how to get the Cursed Double Samurai Sword in Blox Fruit Roblox, plus players will need to have plenty of Blox Fruits Money in Roblox as well.

To get the cursed double katana, players need to complete two different reels, each with three different trials. Players will need to complete all six trials in the game in order to obtain the Double Samurai Sword. To begin the trials, head to the Third Sea’s Floating Turtle. Go to the back of the mansion and talk to MISC, the NPC opens the door inside the mansion. Enter the door on the other side of the mansion that is unlocked by the NPC. There are now two scrolls, each with its own set of three trials. When you have completed a trial, you will need to return to the room and get the next trial.

How to complete the Yama Scroll in Blox Fruits

To obtain the Tushita Scroll, players must enter the Turtle Building within the Floating Turtle POI. You cannot enter the building directly though, you will need to talk to the cellar master on the left side of the building to open the mansion. Enter the building from the back and you will find the Yama Scroll on the pedestal to the right of the entrance. Interact with the scroll and you can begin the quest associated with the Yama scroll.

Mission 1-Pain & Suffering: Allow any NPC or enemy to attack you until your health bar reaches a very low level.

Mission 2-Haze of Misery: Kill all NPCs with purple markers on each island, including Floating Turtle Island.

Mission 3 – Fear the Reaper: Use Sacred Essence to spawn a Soul Reaper in the Haunted Castle (Third Sea) and get defeated by him. Now, in Paradise, defeat all NPCs in the form of three rounds of waves to light all three torches.

How to complete Tushita Scroll in Blox Fruits

In the same Turtle Mansion, you can find the Yama Scroll on the pedestal to the left of the entrance opposite the Tushita Scroll. Interact with the Tushita Scroll to begin the second set of tasks.

Mission 1 – Dock Legend: Talk to three different ship dealers on three islands. Interact with them until you reach the 3/3 chat page for each seller.  

Mission 2 – Sense of Duty: Complete a pirate attack in the Ocean Castle landmark on the Third Sea. Take down all NPC characters to complete the objective.

Mission 3-Soulless: Defeat the Cake Queen boss on Ice Cream Island in the Dim Sum Sea POI. After defeating the Cake Queen, you will be transported to Paradise where you will need to light three torches while killing enemies in three waves of rounds.

After completing the two sets of quests provided by the Yama Scroll and the Tushita Scroll, return to the Haunted House. You will have six Alucard gems in your inventory to complete all six quests in both scrolls. Now use your Alucard gems to interact with the main pedestal in the center of the same room to open a new secret floor. Enter the arena to initiate a boss battle with the Cursed Skeleton. Defeat him and you will be rewarded with the Cursed Double Samurai Sword as a drop.

This is how to get the Cursed Double Samurai Sword (CDK) in Blox Fruits in Roblox. Players interested in this type of game can subscribe to for more information.

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