How to Make, Copy and Use Maps in Minecraft

While players love exploring the world in Minecraft, the downside is that it’s easy to get lost, and there’s a way to orientate and find the way home safely, especially in the early stages of the game. Players can use maps in Minecraft. Maps are a valuable tool for understanding the surrounding landscape and finding important landmarks, so this guide will introduce players to specific methods on how to make, copy, change, and use maps in Minecraft. Players can use them in the game. Stock up on Minecraft for Windows Game Coins.

How Players Make Maps in Minecraft

Maps can be generated from shipwrecks and villages in Minecraft, if you don’t find a blank map in the chest, here are two ways to make a map. The first method is to simply use nine sheets of paper in a box, but this will give a map with no location markers. If the player uses eight sheets of paper in the chest with a compass in the middle, the player gets another blank map which will track the location markers.

How Players Copy Maps in Minecraft

Once the player fills in the map by exploring the area it covers, the player may want to copy the map and keep a backup or share it with friends. This can be done using an anvil or a drafting table, though it’s worth noting that the anvil method only works in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Clone a map with an anvil

First the player needs an empty map of the same type and can only create one clone at a time. Once the player has a map of the same type, they must place the map they need to clone in the first slot of the anvil and the empty map in the second slot, then they can collect two from the third slot the same map.

Clone a map using cartography

The process is the same as above, the player needs to place a map and a blank map in the first two positions, and collect two identical maps from the third position of the cartography table, the player can use the cartography table to create two at a time The above map clone.

How Players Use Maps in Minecraft

The player has a blank map before drawing, can press the “use item” button and the map will “activate” and start filling in information around the player as the player walks. As the player walks within the bounds of the map, more information is generated on the map until it fills up. However, when the player traverses a given area to fill the map, the player must hold the map in their hands. The map will include player-built or naturally generated surface structures, as well as white indicators of the player’s location. Players can place banners in Minecraft and when they have a map in their hand, press “Use Item” to mark the location of the banner on the map, this is a great tool for marking players or other key locations on the map.

These are the specific guides for making, copying and using maps in Minecraft, if you want to learn more about making other items in Minecraft, you can subscribe to for more guides.

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