NBA 2K23: How to Request a Trade in MyCareer

If players get tired of playing for the same team in NBA 2K23, they can apply for a trade to another team. Because in some cases, professional athletes can use scene changes, and the same is true in video games like NBA 2K23. Players may need some time and practice to apply for trades in NBA 2K23, so how to apply for trades in MyCareer and what do players need to do? This guide will give you the answer, players can prepare enough NBA 2K23 coins in NBA 2K23 to facilitate you to apply for trades in the game.

How Trading Works in NBA 2K23 MyCareer

The NBA 2K23 MyCareer storyline is cinematic, full of cutscenes, and also includes dialogue that can influence the path the superstar takes in the game. While these missions are not intended to be traded, players will need to play in MyCareer to unlock arcs of trade influence. During this arc, players will be pushed into the “Palace Intrigue” quest as they play the game and eventually become the starter. In this assignment, your agents, team marketing executives, and basketball operations executives are all struggling for you, and your players will be thrown into the trade.

How to Request a Trade in NBA 2K23 MyCareer

To request a trade for NBA 2K23 MyCareer, you will need:

Access your MyCareer from the main menu.

Scroll through the different options until you find “Request a deal” and click it.

Three days later 2K days (5 minutes in real life) you will be notified of the transaction.

Select the team and position you would like to trade to.

Considerations for Requesting a Trade NBA 2K23

Being traded is one of the best ways to ensure a player achieves their dream NBA career, players can leave a team they dislike or dislike and apply to a team they are more comfortable with or work towards being traded to their favorite Teams play against superstar players in NBA 2K23.

To be traded in NBA 2K23 MyCareer, the requirement to be fulfilled is that the player first puts pressure on management, which can be done by being the worst in the game. Do it within a few weeks of your first season, then try to be Rookie of the Year. This way the player’s current team will try to get rid of you and trade with the other team. However, it should be noted that players will not be able to choose the team they want to go to.

Also one thing worth noting is that players don’t pick positions of players who are doing well because then you run the risk of being traded to another team because the management of the host team doesn’t want to lose a good player in the trade player in exchange for a rookie player. So in this case, players still need to choose a position that suits them and can guarantee their choice. After completing the above operations, you can follow the steps to submit a trade application in NBA 2K23.

That’s all for a specific guide on how to apply for a trade in MyCareer, the game is still in progress, for more NBA 2K23 guides, check out our other guides on for more.

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