How To Find Lush Cave in Minecraft

For new players, digging into the dark underground in Minecraft can be a bit intimidating – after all, we don’t know what scary things can appear in the dark depths. But the Caves and Cliffs update in Minecraft is full of new cubes and some new creatures that can be tamed and bred, and even new living communities like the underground Lush Caves biome. So this guide will help players find a lush cave in Minecraft and tell you what’s in it, and players can prepare plenty of Minecraft for Windows Game Coins in advance if they want to find the cave as soon as possible.

What are the lush caves in Minecraft?

The Caves & Cliffs With the Minecraft update comes a brand new biome known as the Lush Cave Biome. it is a gentle underground biome that creates diversity and life in the world below the surface of Minecraft. This gentle underground biome can generate tall grasses, cave vines, rhododendron trees, flowering spores and lichens without particles, and even moss patches, as well as many leaf-dropping plants and glowing berries.

How to find lush caves in Minecraft

The lush cave biome has plenty of green plants and puddles and generated clay, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find lush caves with the help of glowing berries hanging in the area. If you don’t find any, these cave biomes have a higher chance of being generated in highly humid areas, such as underneath biomes like dark forests, ancient coniferous forests and wooded wastelands, and definitely not under forests, plains and savannas.

Another of the easiest ways to find lush caves is to look for rhododendron trees at landmarks, which are made of ordinary oak logs but have rhododendron mixed in with the foliage. Rhododendron grows in the dense cave biome, which is an obvious marker, and when you find a rhododendron tree, all you need to do is dig straight down. Because rhododendron trees have a root system made of rooted soil, they extend downward until they reach the lush caves.

What’s in the lush cave

When you find a glowing berry or rhododendron tree and dig down, you will reach a lush cave. This biome is full of plant life. You will then find unique creatures in the cave.

In the cave, you will not only find glowing berries attached to the cave vines that grow from the ceiling and are a good source of food, restoring saturation points and hunger levels as well as sweet berries. And you’ll also find spores hanging from the ceiling and emanating from the spores and rare salamanders that spawn only in lush caves.

Other creatures that spawn in Minecraft Lush Caves are

Deep-rooted dirt

Hanging roots

Moss Blocks

Moss carpets

Dripping leaves

Cave vine

Tropical fish

Glowing squid


We hope the above guide can help you quickly find lush caves and discover many rare biomes in Minecraft. If you still want to know more about other news in Minecraft, please subscribe to for more.

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