Lost Ark: How to Get Lopang Island Souls and Get More Silver

A popular MMO role-playing game, Lost Ark has a lot to offer players, plus you can also find MMORPGs with additional collectibles, Island Souls is one of the most popular games thanks to unique rewards including compass upgrades and ship skins. In this guide we will cover how to get Lopang Island souls in Lost Ark and get more silver, players can also prepare enough Cheap Lost Ark Gold in the game to help get Lopang Island souls.

How to get Lopang Island soul in Lost Ark

Lopang Island is located in the eastern part of North Vern, not far from Pleccia. If you are looking for a good place to grow silver, this island is your best bet. Once you reach the coast of this island, start working through the yellow quest line. It is very simple until you have to use the props on the Hopping box, then it becomes more complicated so you will get a quest in which you are asked to capture the Hopping box located on the island.

In the western part of the island you can find the Hopping box and complete one of the six unique daily quests on the island that are part of the Una quest. All of these missions have a similar goal, which is to retrieve the goods. After that, you will take it to where it needs to go and receive silver coins as a reward for your efforts.

Completing Yuna’s six quests will unlock a quest called “Important Person”, which will reward the player with a Lopang Island soul in Lost Ark. This is one of the easiest island souls in the game, as each mission requires a simple acquisition task. Many Island Souls require a lot of combat, usually boss fights, so this can be used as a breather.

How to get more silver on Lopang Island

If you have a crystal aura, which gives you extra bifrost slots, you can quickly and easily farm and harvest silver daily from these daily quests, which is a good passive source of income. After that, you configure the bifrost slots to connect to ports in Artthetine, North Vern and Shushire. If you have an additional location for a bifrost slot, which you obviously do on Lopang Island, all you have to do is teleport to this location on Lopang Island. Artthetine, North Vern and Shushire distribute more silver than Luterra, Tortoyk and Anikka.

The above is a specific guide on how to get Lopang Island souls and more silver in Lost Ark, completing each of these islands will reward the player with an island soul. If you found this guide helpful, feel free to subscribe to 600pu.com for more updates and guides on Lost Ark.

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