Overwatch 2: Reinhardt Guide (Skills and Tips)

Reinhardt has been the quintessential Overwatch tank since the release of Overwatch, and now he’s back in Overwatch 2 with further modifications and updates. This guide will cover guides such as Reinhardt’s skills and hints in Overwatch 2, and players can purchase enough Overwatch 2 Coins to upgrade their character’s gear.

Reinhardt’s Skills

Reinhardt is one of the best protective tank classes in Overwatch, and his barrier shield is a great protective playstyle, which makes Reinhardt very conservative. Reinhardt is responsible for protecting his team from damage, and as a tank hero, he has a lot of lifesteal to absorb incoming fire and not immediately deal lethal damage to them either. Reinhardt’s skills have undergone major adjustments in Overwatch 2, so players will need to adjust their play style to make the most of them.

Rocket Hammer: The Rocket Hammer is one of the main melee weapons in Overwatch 2, capable of quickly destroying tightly knit groups with an attack area that cones out in front of him, which facilitates damage to hordes of enemies.

Barrier Field: This is one of Reinhardt’s signature abilities in Overwatch, and he can hold up a barrier at any time to deflect bullets, projectiles and explosives. His primary role is defensive, offsetting damage taken for himself or providing cover for his teammates.

Charge: This is another of Reinhardt’s signature abilities, as he charges forward with rocket propulsion, pinning down heroes anywhere he touches, dealing damage to opponents on collision with objects.

Flame Strike: This is also a great way to deal some damage to enemies. This is a launcher, a barrier-piercing projectile fired by Flame Strike that hits opponents in its path and is most often used to trap multiple enemy heroes in a tight space.

Earthshatter: This is Reinhardt’s ultimate skill in Overwatch 2. By destroying the ground in front of him with his hammer, he can effectively stun and damage opponents.

Reinhardt’s Tips

In Watchmen 2, Reinhardt is more of a team player than any other tank, and coordinating with the softer heroes in your squad is key to making the most of his abilities. However, Reinhardt doesn’t work well with flanking heroes like Tracer or Reaper, as they won’t benefit much from the protection of a barrier field.

With Reinhardt’s charge attack and Groundbreaker, players can deal decent damage. However they are a good way to serve enemies for the attackers on the team. Even though Reinhardt gained the ability to attack in Overwatch 2, it is best to use his barrier field in team matches. In addition, he is not invulnerable to swords and some heroes are able to defeat him, and players must be aware of this.

In addition, using Rocket Hammer allows players to have a great fight in close quarters combat. On top of that, Reinhardt is a great team player and players can build a team around him and while he provides defense, the rest of the team can lead the attack to destroy the opponent.

The above is the guide of Reinhardt in Overwatch 2. If players still want to know the update news and specific guide of using other characters in Overwatch 2, please subscribe to 600pu.com for useful news in time.

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