How to Free Brick in Cyberpunk 2077 Mission The Pickup

Releasing the Brick in Cyberpunk 2077 is a possible optional objective in the Act 1 mission The Pickup, and the player cannot avoid this mission as it is part of the player character’s main story progression. So this guide will guide players on how to release Brick in Cyberpunk 2077 mission The Pickup, and players can prepare enough Cheap Cyberpunk 2077 EuroDollar to complete the mission.

Where to find Brick

Players will find Brick in the main mission The Pickup, provided they stay out of the way. The optional “Free Brick” objective will only appear if the player is close enough to the area where the brick is stored. After making progress in The Pickup, the player does not reach the All Foods building until he or she sits down to meet Royce.

Once things get worse, players will face a level-spanning battle while Brick’s cage will be hidden in the chaos. After you’ve dealt with the enemies in the meeting area, you’ll follow Jackie through the maintenance tunnel into a larger room. Deal with a few enemies here, then push forward. The next room is smaller, with two raised rooms to the left. Again, deal with the enemies in the room and turn off the camera. This will give you some breathing room so that the enemies in the next room don’t flood in when you try to release Brick.

How to free Brick

Brick is a former Maelstrom boss defeated by Royce. during the pickup main mission, you will have the optional objective of freeing Brick. You will find Brick locked in a small closet in the second large war room. To the left of the room are two high shelf rooms with glass windows, and his door is between them.

As for the locked door, you have two options:

The door control itself can be hacked some RAM to trigger it remotely, open the door and gain access to Brick.

In the room with the detonator next to Brick, find a closed laptop on the table in the middle on the right and open it to read the emails – one of which says “only you know”. It contains the code for the door – 9691

When you open the door, Brick will warn you that a laser mine is pointed at him and if he moves, he will die. Enter the room on the right and you can find a detonator on the table by the door. If you’re feeling cruel, you can detonate it to kill Brick, or disable it.

After you free Brick and disable the mine, Brick will not follow and help you escape, but he does say that he will “protect you” if you see him again. If he’s still alive, he’ll show up later and promise to show his gratitude if you need his help in the future.

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