How to Play Power Shots in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 has been released for some time now and as expected has been very popular with players. A new feature has been introduced in FIFA 23, Power Shots, a new high-risk, high-reward mechanic that allows players to score easy goals from long range if done correctly. And Power Shots are a way to reward players who may have good long range stats but low scoring shots, so this guide will show players how to make Power Shots in FIFA 23, and players can buy enough FIFA 23 coins for easy scoring in FIFA 23.

What is Power Shots

Power shot is a new way of hitting the ball manually, the kick takes a long time to start because the kick is windy and the aiming system does not automatically place the ball on target. The most significant advantage of the Power Shot is, as its name implies, a significant increase in energy. When it works, there is no better way to score a goal than when the ball flies into the back of the net at great speed, providing players with the perfect opportunity to use one of the new celebrations in FIFA 23.

How to Take Power Shots in FIFA 23

Timing is the most important factor in power shots, as players need a longer preparation time before they can shoot. In order to successfully execute a powerplay goal in FIFA 23, there are several important steps.

First, you will want to use a player who has a high long range shot, shooting ability and shooting stats. Players like Messi, c-ro and Harland are perfect examples of players who have mastered the power shot. Secondly, your players will need a lot of time and space to “recharge” their shots. power shots in FIFA 23 have slow and unchangeable animations, so you need space to execute your shots before the defenders appear.

Power shots are very easy to execute in FIFA 23, players just need to hold L1 and R1 and press the shoot button (depending on your controller settings). Keep in mind that power shots have a longer animation than regular shots, so there is a good chance that your shot will be blocked or that your striker will lose possession of the ball. In addition, your aim needs to be more accurate or you will hit the ball over or off the crossbar.

When to Use Power Shots in FIFA 23

Unfortunately, the extra momentum provided by a power shot comes at a cost, with the clockwork animation taking significantly longer than other shots thundering in, which means opposing center backs have a little extra time to complete a shovel or cover, so players should usually avoid using power shots unless they have a yard or two of space around them. The best time to use a power shot is when the ball carrier is clean but doesn’t have enough speed to get past the defender into the box.

The above is a specific guide on using power shots in FIFA 23. If you find this guide helpful in scoring easily in the game, feel free to subscribe to to continue getting more FIFA 23 guides.

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