FFXIV: How to Unlock the Tower of Babylon

As players travel through the new areas of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, they will need to complete multiple dungeons to advance the story, and the Tower of Babylon is the second of several dungeons players must complete in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. To access the Tower of Babylon in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, players will need to complete a number of dungeons and trials as they continue on in Garlemald, plus players can also prepare enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil in FFXIV to help complete the trials to unlock the Tower of Babylon.

How to Beat Tower of Babylon in FFXIV

The Tower of Babylon is the second Telophoroi tower that players will venture into, but don’t expect a repeat of your first foray into these dark halls. You will face difficult enemies in the depths of this dungeon, so be prepared accordingly for each boss you will fight and defeat in Babil Tower.

Dungeon Walkthrough

As the player moves through the Tower of Babil, the player will enter the tower itself from the ruins of Garlemald. Throughout the dungeon, you will need to fight a variety of tamed and Telophoroi enemies. Stay close to your allies and search for treasure as you make your way through the Tower of Babylon.


The first boss of Babylon’s Tower is Barnabas, whose main mechanic is to grant the player the ability of magnetic poles, which he will use to perform various attacks. Each of his attacks and mechanics are listed below.

Ground and Pound: Barnabas will turn to a random player and begin charging up for this attack. ground and pound is a straight AOE that doesn’t show the AOE marker until the spell is completed.

Dynamic Scrapline: Barnabas will tether all players to himself and grant each one a polarity. At the same time, he will begin a close-range AOE attack on himself.

Shocking Force: Target random players and place a bunch of markers on them, gathering on the marked players to spread the damage of this attack.

Dynamic Pound: Barnabas will move to the edge of the arena and start charging, forming a straight AOE in the center of the arena, and each grants polarity.

Thundercall: Barnabas will summon four thunderballs around the arena, eventually dealing damage in a circular area.

Rolling Scrapline: This is a close-range AOE that occurs at the same time as Thundercall, and players need to avoid this attack.

Barnabas will repeat these attacks until he is defeated and the player can continue through the dungeon and directly to Lugae.


The second boss of the Tower of Babylon is Lugae, with an explosive AoE attack and summoning ability. Using Magitek explosives, you’ll need to dodge a lot of AoE to get through this fight. While his movements become unpredictable, players also need to be careful not to lose focus when they turn into frogs during the battle.


Spikes of the Moon will summon spikes. When they connect, they perform a square AoE within them. mega Graviton deals group-wide damage and summons four spheres. pater Patriae is a line AoE against a random player. after this cast, each player will be bound to one of the four super graviton spheres. Players need to move away from the sphere before being pulled into it. Endless Agony will pull the player to the center and create an expanding circle in the center of the arena AoE. escape and stand in the corner of the room to avoid this.

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