Chivalry 2: How To Unlock And Use Katars

Chivalry 2 adds a new melee weapon, the Katars, which is exclusive to the Vanguard profession and allows for a series of quick attacks. Since Katars is restricted to only one profession, it may not be available to all players. So this guide will help players understand how to unlock and use Katars in Chivalry 2. Players will need to purchase enough Chivalry 2 Gold in the game to help unlock and upgrade Katars.

How to get new Katars

Katars can only be used by the Chivalry 2 Vanguard subclass Ambusher, which is unlocked at Vanguard Rank 7, and you will retroactively get the first Katars of anyone who has reached this level. other new cosmetic Katars can be purchased with earned currency or tokens. While they don’t have an additional combat advantage, they do require rank if purchased with earned currency, which also indicates that a person has a great deal of weapon expertise.

How to use Katar attacks in duels and group fights

The Katar is an ultra-fast weapon that generally deals only relatively low base damage. However, considering that the Chivalry 2 Ambusher Class adds 50% more damage to dark arrows, the Katar’s speed can quickly destroy unsuspecting archers, infantry, and vanguards. This becomes more difficult when facing knights with a lot of life or enemy players who are difficult to outflank.


Katar can initially traverse the area in Chivalry 2 with several allies who can act as decoys. Players should prioritize any enemies that clearly expose themselves in the game, such as focusing on objectives, handling siege weapons, isolated snipers, or enemies that only use bandages. The player’s goal in the game is to ensure that they or their teammates are killed to avoid the attacker escaping or being revived by their own allies. If an enemy gets too far away, players can switch to throwing daggers to complete the kill.

Katar users themselves are outnumbered and at a disadvantage once they are spotted and are vulnerable to attack. When facing multiple Chivalry 2 enemies in a single battle, the short range and lack of behind-the-back vilification can put them at too big a disadvantage. At this point, the ambushers either choose to retreat or opt to switch to a more reliable weapon such as a short sword or club. Once supported by at least one teammate, the player can once again focus on making multiple behind-the-back attacks.


In one-on-one combat in Chivalry 2, the Katar loses some of its advantage, but can also be a potent weapon. Special attacks are always powerful, and even shields can do good damage. In addition, since the headbutt attack is within kicking range, players can easily combine these attacks together to break down enemy defenses. Players can also switch to side arms and long-range weapons if additional extension is needed or if there is a risk of damage to their current weapon. And if they are low on life in a duel, they should always heal.

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