Fortnite: How To Open Locks With Keys And Safes In A Single Match

One of the characters in the fourth week of Fortnite Episode 3, Season 4, instructs players to open locks with keys and safes in a single match. Players who complete this task will earn 20,000 XP. Since the player must open the “lock with the key”, this could mean that it is a hologram chest or vault, as well as a “safe” in a match. So the challenge is going to be tough, so this guide will provide you with specific instructions on how to unlock a key and a safe in a single match, as well as a good supply of Fortnite V-BUCKS to help unlock a lock in Fortnite.

Fortnite: Unlock locks with keys and safes in a single Match

Find keys in loot and treasure chests

Players will want to open the lock with keys and safes in a single match in Fortnite, in order to complete this task the first step is to obtain two keys, these items can be found in floor loot and treasure chests, although these types of loot sources mean that players can find keys throughout the map in Fortnite, it is recommended that they find them in Chrome Crossroads, Cloudy Condos or Flutter Barn neighborhoods to search. Because these named locations are close to high-security shelters, these shelters will come into play in the next part of the mission.

Find the lock with the keyhole in the vault

After collecting the two keys, players should open the map and look for the two icons of locks with keyholes. These icons represent the high-security vaults mentioned earlier, and players should navigate to one nearby and visit it. The map clearly mentions the locations of all two key vaults in Fortress Night, so players can simply refer to the in-game map.

Open the vault to find the safe

Once players reach a high-security vault, they should use their two keys to open it. This act fulfills the first requirement for completing the mission, and the rest is to enter the shelter and search for the safe inside. In fact, the safes are found in both key vaults, and it is easy for Fortnite fans to complete this mission and earn the associated rewards.

Rewards for completing the mission

As mentioned earlier, players can earn 20,000 XP for using the keys and safes to open the locks in a single game, which is very applicable to players who struggle to unlock cosmetics from the Season 4 Battle Pass. Among these cosmetic items is the Spider-Gwen skin for Fortnite, which is sure to pique the interest of many players. It also means that players will need to complete more missions and earn more XP to get this set, as it is located on the last page of the Battle Pass.

The above is the specific guide to open locks using keys and safes in a single game in Fortnite. If you find this guide helpful to open locks, feel free to subscribe to for more news and game strategies on Fortnite.

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