LINE Gmaes’ Korean Version Of ARPG Undecember Now Available Worldwide

Following the very popular demo during Steam Next Fest 2022, LINE Games has announced the global release of developer Needs Games’ multi-platform ARPG Hack & Slash. the free-to-play game is available for download on PC platforms on Steam and FLOOR, as well as on mobile devices for iOS and Android. From now on, players can finally embark on a journey as rune hunters in ARPG Undecember. This article will detail all the known news about the worldwide release of ARPG Undecember, and players can prepare enough Undecember Ruby for this game.

ARPG Undecember Storyline and Game Modes

Following the game’s initial release in Korea, their new free-to-play action RPG is now available in the West on Windows PC (via Steam and FLOOR), iOS and Android. The global launch build features up to 10 storylines and a variety of challenge modes, including “Chaos Dungeon,” “Barrier Spire,” and “Void Rift,” and co-op players will be able to play the game during the first week of release. Co-op players logging in during the first week of release will be able to participate in a release log-in event and quest festival to earn various in-game bonus items.

ARPG Undecember Platform and Language Support

Undecember is a Hack & Slash Action RPG that allows players to go beyond traditional skill limitations by constantly combining various skills and linking runes. It is a multi-platform game that supports cross-play between PC and mobile, and can also be played using keyboard and mouse, mobile touchpad and gamepad. Also, there are 10 languages available, including English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), German and French.

ARPG Undecember Game Overview

Undecember focuses on the classic hack-and-slash action of destroying countless enemies, while presenting unique career-free growth through a combination of runic skills and equipment. The game’s rune system allows players to experiment with thousands of skill combinations for their characters – providing the opportunity to adapt skills to their own play style.


The birth of the 13th evil God Serpent. Light comes from darkness, and light splits into twelve different gods. The twelve who rose from the void shared their power to create Truam and lived in peace among their descendants. The descendants prospered under the blessing of the twelve gods, but the evil divine serpent emerged.

Main Characteristics


The fun of hacking and slashing comes from destroying countless enemies at once. As a genre where character growth is tied to destroying enemies to gain new props, the focus of this game is on gaining power-ups as you destroy enemies during development.


Free to choose from a variety of combat styles, there are no defined classes in Undecember. Once a character is created after customization, players are able to freely change equipment and skills based on their personal play style. Builds are divided into Strength, Agility, and Intelligence types, but there are no equipment or combo restrictions.


Unlimited combinations of skills, runes are divided into skill runes and link runes. Each rune has a level and can be upgraded with materials obtained from farming or by completing quests.


Unstoppable content selection.

Acts: The main scenario of the game.

Chaos Dungeon: The final game content obtained after completing the main scenario.

Boss Raid: Co-op content for up to 8 players.

Crusade of Glory: Free content for all players against players.

Guild: Gather up to 50 members to receive exclusive benefits such as guild buffs.

These are the details about the Korean version of LINE Gmaes’ ARPG Undecember now available worldwide. If you still want to stay tuned to this game and want to upgrade your equipment by completing missions early in the game, you can buy enough Undecember Gold.

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