Overwatch 2 Battle Pass: Prices, Rewards, Character Unlocks And More

Blizzard’s heroic shooter features the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass, which doesn’t need to be purchased unless you want to unlock nifty cosmetic items in the free-to-play PC game. With the shift to free-to-play, Blizzard is now adopting a seasonal structure, which means a wide variety of items will be locked behind the Battle Pass tier. While certain content will be available for free, certain rewards will need to be paid for. So this guide will introduce the details of Battle Pass prices, rewards and character unlocks in Overwatch 2. Players can prepare enough Overwatch 2 Coins in order to buy Battle Passes.

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Price

When accessing the first season of Battle Pass, players have two options. The first is the free route, where players don’t have to spend a penny and simply play the game, which will automatically pass the free Battle Pass level and unlock selected items. But if players want to get something out of it, as with most Battle Passes in other games, Watch Dogs 2’s Premium Battle Pass requires $10 (1,000 Watch Dogs coins) to purchase. This makes Blizzard’s version of the popular system reasonably priced, giving players access to a variety of high-quality cosmetic items while also giving them instant access to new heroes that free players must unlock through the game. This in-game currency can also be earned through weekly in-game challenges, so players can grind throughout the season and purchase premium tracks at the end to retroactively unlock all content.

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Rewards

As players progress with the Overwatch 2 Warrior’s Warrant, players will gain access to a wide range of items as well as unlock new heroes, cosmetics and items, but the first Battle Pass that will be unlocked at game release will have.

The free Battle Pass will unlock these items as follows.

Kiriko (Level 55)

2 Epic Skins

1 Weapon Charm

2 Souvenirs

1 Highlight Intro

14 additional items

Prestige Tier Titles

The Advanced Battle Pass will unlock these items.

20% Battle Pass XP Boost

1 Mythic Skin

5 Legendary skins

1 Epic Skins

3 Play of the Game animations

4 Weapon Charms

3 Emotes

3 Souvenirs

6 Poses

6 Name Cards

30+ additional cosmetic rewards

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Character Unlocks

Once players start the game, players will unlock two of them: Junker Queen and Sojourn, with access to Kiriko -and all the new ones. level 55 in the free Battle Pass or automatically when we get the premium version. Blizzard will ensure that they introduce heroes gradually, as they are easier to balance gameplay and skills. Different heroes can be obtained by reaching the appropriate level in the free Battle Pass, while Premium Battle Pass holders will get them immediately. With luck, it will be possible to get heroes from previous seasons.

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