Beginner Tips and Tricks in Undecember

Undecember is a Diablo-style hack and slash ARPG with an adventurous storyline and tons of embedded awesome features. Among them, there are no restrictions on the use of weapons, and players can build their ideal characters in the game and freely switch between the required fighting styles. If you are not familiar with the game, this article will introduce you tips and tricks for beginners in Undecember, players can prepare enough Undecember Ruby to buy the desired items and equipment.

Keep those common items

While common items don’t seem like much benefit and don’t take up valuable space in a player’s bag, they shouldn’t be thrown away or sold for minimal profit. Many of these items can be enchanted to create magic items that are more useful to gameplay. Or players can disassemble extra items to get parts, which can be used to enchant or upgrade other things. Money is not indispensable in the game, so players should focus on upgrading as much as possible, using the items available to them rather than selling them.

Pay attention to the size of the backpack

While loot drops at the start of any game are a welcome addition, especially if the player is unfamiliar with what the item does. In Undecember, item packs can only hold 100 items, so players need to pay attention to how many items they pick up in the game. This way, when you fill up your backpack during a quest, you won’t give up needed items just because your item pack is full. Players can choose upgrade packs, but this requires paid currency, and monitoring the contents of the pack is more cost-effective than investing in upgrades.

Upgrade weapons as soon as possible

Players need materials like Essence to upgrade their weapons, and visiting a blacksmith can give them the information they want to know about each weapon that needs improvement, and if they don’t have it, go out and find it. Enchanting weapons also makes them more powerful, adding perks that players didn’t have before. This step also requires Essence, which can be obtained from monsters or by disassembling excess weapons. This is another good reason to keep common items rather than simply sell them.

Increase movement speed

Hiking is slow, but has the advantage that players can upgrade their character’s shoes, allowing them to move faster. Glide through the land of Undecember sounds so much better than a slow trek. Players need to add movement modifiers to the selected shoes. Choosing boots with a high speed rating will make the effect even more pronounced, in addition to traversing the land faster, players will also need to escape this terrifying situation before being knocked down by enemies.

Leverage available property values

Players can update their stats based on the weapon class of their choice, with three stats to improve: Agility, Intelligence, and Strength. Each gravitates toward a specific weapon, so improving these attributes can lead to improved weapon usage. Without boosting the stats, the player will be at a disadvantage against stronger enemies. For players who frequently switch between weapons, we need to keep an eye on the stats of all frequently used weapons.

The above are tips and tricks for beginners in Undecember, if players feel this guide is very friendly for beginners to play in Undecember, you can read more of our game guide. At the same time, players can also purchase Undecember Gold to upgrade their characters and equipment in the game.

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