Apex Legends: The Best Landing Spots for Broken Moon

Season 15 of Apex Legends introduces the new Broken Moon map, which is already available in Ranked Mode. Players want to know the best places to land so they can get good loot and quick eliminations. There are 15 different POIs on this map, most of which are connected by zipper tracks, allowing players to spin easily without much hassle. This article aims to show players the best landing spots for Broken Moon in Apex Legends Season 15. Players can buy cheap Apex Legends Apex Coins Top Up to help you find the best landing spots for good loot quickly in the game.

What are the best drop locations for Broken Moon


Terraformer’s central location in Broken Moon means it often attracts a lot of squads at the start of a match, and if you’re looking for a shard, this could be the perfect POI for you. the central tower is surrounded by multiple buildings full of loot and countless supply crates, so there’s plenty of gear to go around. Eventually, once players are ready to fight, this location will encourage all squads to head towards the tower.

Breaker Wharf

This POI is a stacked space built for mid-range combat, connected by bridges and Zip Rails, Breaker Wharf’s parallel structures are filled with multiple layers of verticality and the means to reposition themselves between them. Flanked by additional Zip Rails, it is also an easy way to rotate to another POI. Perfect for mid-range shootouts and skirmishes with other squads, the area is fun to navigate and makes for an impressive race with ease.

Alpha Base

Located inside a massive lunar crater, Alpha Base is a point of interest where players must fight for rewards, but anyone looking to get a kill should consider landing here. The dense lunar architecture encourages close quarters gunplay, making weapons such as Peacekeeper and EVA very effective. Not only that, but the walls that surround the area allow for controlled gunfights, so you’ll have to eliminate all competitors before you leave the area.

Eternal Gardens

Eternal Gardens has a central tower which contains the only jumping tower on the moon. If players want to loot and relocate to a distant point of interest, Eternal Gardens allows you to do so and not rely on the Valkyrie.

Perpetual Core

Located on the northern side of the Broken Moon map, Perpetual Core is one of the biggest and best landing sites and is a must-visit for any legendary. On its outer edge, players will encounter multi-story dwellings that provide great sniper angles to its central core, and each entry point around the core offers a small but impressive amount of weapons and healing supplies. Loot is evenly distributed across the map, making each drop point a contested location.

Backup Atmo

Another POI on the outskirts of the map, Backup Atmo is a great place full of loot for players who want to become as strong as possible before looking for a gunfight. It is located in the northeast corner and doesn’t have a lot of enemies. Faced with a large number of loot boxes and some small buildings, players will need to focus on accelerating as quickly as possible and then turning towards the Alpha base or stasis formation.

Hopefully this guide will provide players with enough locations to choose from, and players can check out all the news and guides they want to know about Apex Legends on 600pu.com.

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