Overwatch 2: Zarya Character Guide (Skills and Tips)

As the most versatile tank in Overwatch 2, Zarya is adept at using the aggressiveness of the enemy team to boost her attack power while also protecting her allies. Zarya is one of the toughest tanks to fight, but her aggressive gear allows her to deal a ton of damage to enemies while protecting her team. Therefore, this guide will introduce the skills and related tips of Zarya’s character in Overwatch 2. Players also need to buy a lot of Overwatch 2 Coins in Overwatch 2 for the equipment and weapons of Zarya’s character.

Zarya’s Skills

Basic Attack: Particle Cannon

The primary firepower is a short-range linear beam weapon, and the Alt Fire is an energy grenade launcher. Holding the weapon, Zarya will emit a short blade of light from her. If only pulsed once, this would deal single-digit damage, but hardly any opponent could withstand this beam for three seconds. Secondary fire is a grenade that detonates when hitting the ground or hitting the player, and like the primary fire, it deals a small amount of damage unless Zarya is already charged.

First Skill: Particle Barrier

This creates a defensive barrier around Zarya, protecting herself with 100% damage for a second and a half, an act that gives Zarya enough time to get out of the way and regain her health.

Second Skill: Projection Barrier

This ability creates a defensive barrier around your at-risk allies, saving lives and destroying the enemy team’s ultimate ability with full immunity to all damage for 1.5 seconds. The cooldown is pretty long though, around 8 seconds, which is the time it takes for allies to retreat, heal, and return to the frontline if applied properly.

Ultimate: Graviton Surge

Launches a gravity well, pulling enemies towards it. Pro teams wait for Zarya’s ultimate to be ready and plan their progress as well. While the other moves are great, this move alone speaks to her use at the top of the competitive ladder.

Passive: Energy

Damage blocked by the barrier increases the damage of the particle cannon, and any damage taken becomes additional damage from Zarya’s primary weapon.

Tips from Zarya

Know when to use bubbles

Players who want to learn how to play with Zarya should know when to use her bubbles. This ability plays a big role as it allows Zarya to tank damage and increase the damage she deals. The goal of the player as Zarya is to collect as much energy as possible, when you are about to take damage you should try to use a barrier on yourself which will quickly recharge your energy and allow you to defeat your enemies.

Use damage to apply pressure

Even if you can’t kill a lot of enemies, your damage is enough to take a lot of pressure. Zarya is one of the few Overwatch 2 tanks to have two fire modes, her left button is usually used for close combat, and her right button can usually be used to deal AoE damage or try to complete a fleeing target. In addition to using damage to kill enemies, you can also damage yourself with a right-click. Not only does this boost your energy, you can also use it to jump to high ground.

These are the skills and related tips for Zarya in Overwatch 2, players can check 600pu.com for more helpful guides.

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