Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How To Unlock And Defeat Seething Bazelgeuse

Monster Hunter Rise’s expansion pack, Sunbreak, adds a lot of content right away, Seething Bazelgeuse is the monster in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak (MH Rise Sunbreak), a variant that’s more aggressive and potentially deadly than the standard version. In NHR Sunbreak, players can hunt the Seething Bazelgeuse to craft its unique armor set, Rride. So this guide will tell players how to unlock and defeat Seething Bazelgeuse. In addition, players need to prepare enough Monster Hunter Rise Zenny in the game.

How to Unlock Seething Bazelgeuse

To unlock Seething Bazelgeuse, players must complete the Sunbreak DLC’s main storyline and defeat the final boss. In this way, the previous 7-level master level cap will be cancelled, and hunters can freely upgrade their levels. The Elgado Outpost quest Princess’s Urgent Mission will appear once they hit Master Rank 10, marking the first Title Update 1 quest, Raining Fire. This will quest hunters to capture or kill Seething Bazelgeuse in the Lava Cave.

Previously, a normal Bazelgeuse would go into a “boil” state when provoked, in which scales on its body would glow and explode at any time. However, this unique variant is always on the boil, ready to explode at any given time. You can think of it as an angry Rajang, forever in a golden state, with no way to escape except death. Before fighting this explosive variant, players should have a good understanding of how to fight and defeat a seething Bazelgeuse.

How to beat Seething Bazelgeuse

Players looking to defeat the Seething Bazelgeuse should first consider using ranged weapons against the beast, as users in close quarters will always be at risk of being injured by the explosive scales on its body. The weakest places on this monster are its head and tail, the head is easy to hit, but its tail is kept off the ground and out of reach of most weapons. If the player needs to cut the tail, use a weapon such as a longsword.

Secondly standing next to Seething Bazelgeuse’s legs is absolutely safe as they have really bad hitzone values. Two weapons, ice and thunder, can do huge damage to this monster, and Seething Bazelgeuse is also susceptible to sleep, but sleep weapons are hard to get. Players can try using sleep coats or ammo on ranged weapons.

Weaknesses: head, tail

Points of Resistance: Back, Legs

Elemental/Disease Weaknesses: Ice, Thunder, Sleep

Elemental/Disease Resistance: Fire, Shockwave

Best Weapon Damage: Blunt

The Seething Bazelgeuse glows purple-white when enraged, during which time its scales glow purple and bloom on the blast money. The explosion of these scales is half a catty larger than normal scales, so be careful. If you deal enough damage with its glowing head and tail while enraged, it will self-destruct and fall, ending the berserk state. If it doesn’t do enough damage in time, it unleashes its strongest attack.

The above is the specific guide on how to unlock and defeat Seething Bazelgeuse, players can refer to for more helpful guides to unlock more weapons and equipment in the game.

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