How to Unlock More Cosmetics in Warhammer 40000: Darktide

Most online multiplayer games allow for character customization, allowing players to dress their characters in new outfits to make them look more attractive. Darktide will have the cosmetics function, which will provide players a choice of options to alter the appearance of their characters. In order to assist players acquire more cosmetics, this article will explain how to do so in Warhammer 40000: Darktide. Players can also purchase enough Warhammer 40000 Darktide Items directly from the game.

How to earn trust and increase a player’s level in Darktide

A player must complete quests in order to grow more confident in Darktide. Players merely need to participate in the game to gain trust and raise the level of trust. Additionally, the trust the player will earn will increase as assignment difficulty increases. Additionally, by accomplishing side tasks, players can increase their trust throughout missions.

Focus on finishing tasks rather than pursuing personal glory because, based on prior experience, personal performance in tasks does not effect how much trust players earn in the game. To help boost the player’s confidence, it is advised to kill specific foes, finish side objectives, and kill the most enemies possible to get more XP. Playing more challenging missions is another excellent way to get more prizes and win over the player’s trust.

How to Get Cosmetics in Warhammer 40k Darktide

In Darktide, there are several ways for players to acquire different cosmetics. Some of these ways include spending real money on the game, while others call for playing the game more to advance. See all the available cosmetics purchasing options below.


For gamers who don’t like to spend a lot of money on games, this is the ideal option. By taking on the role of each class in the game, players can level them up. You can level up the player and give them access to new clothing items if they play Ogryn frequently. Make sure players are aware of which items are valuable to unlock and which classes they shouldn’t be concentrating their efforts on because they can level up to access a variety of items.

Whole admission

The in-game challenge system Confessions in Darktide offers players a multitude of milestones through the completion of various mission types, offensive and defensive prowess, and more. By completing individual confessions while using each class, players can specifically earn more cosmetics that are specific to that class. Each class’s Confession category grants them access to four sets of upper and below body accessories as well as one headpiece.

Boost confidence in each class

The player will get the fundamental decorations for each class as they advance through the main tale and gain more trust from them.

Purchase using premium currency or earned coins

Players can buy basic cosmetics and weaponry for operators from the armory with the gold they earn from missions. Before purchasing a cosmetic item here, certain tasks must be finished. There is an in-game store called Commodore’s Vestures where you can buy more upscale cosmetics. Real money can be used to buy Aquilas, which can then be used to buy specialized cosmetics or bonuses for each class. Aquilas can be obtained by players through Twitch drops or by purchasing the Imperial Edition.

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