Roblox: How To Get The IHeartRadio Peacock Feather

Players can obtain the free iHeartRadio Peacock Feather, a back avatar accessory, by taking part in the winter event in iHeartLand: Music Tycoon. As the name implies, this cosmetic adds a row of red and white peacock feathers to the player’s back, giving the character a ton of glitter. In addition to learning how to prepare enough Roblox Robux in the game, this article will show players how to obtain iHeartRadio peacock feathers in the Roblox game.

Unlock iHeartRadio Peacock Feather in Roblox iHeartLand

In Roblox iHeartLand: Music Tycoon, players must enter the game and locate a brand-new collectable called “Holiday Bells” in order to unlock the iHeartRadio Peacock Feather. The rear portrait charm will be instantly placed to the player portrait’s inventory once 40 of these bells have been collected. Even while that might sound like a lot to ask, bells occur in straightforward places and respawn quickly, so gathering 40 of them shouldn’t take too long. In reality, gamers can switch between the same few bells we do in a short amount of time.

Although finding 40 bells might seem like a difficult task, they are simple to locate in Roblox iHeartLand: Music Tycoon. Additionally, they are simple to identify in iHeartLand due to their spinning movement and bright yellow sheen. Players have an unlimited amount of time to acquire these holiday bells, which will appear around the entire map. But it shouldn’t take less than five to ten minutes to collect forty. Therefore, it is advised that players use their rides to speed up the search for the bell.

One other issue also needs to be taken into consideration. Players may be able to gather the same number of holiday bells to meet event requirements and obtain their iHeartLand peacock feathers in Roblox iHeartLand: Music Tycoon since the holiday bells will respawn. Although the bell respawns are slow, this could be a strategy for players who are too busy to explore the town and would rather stay offline while collecting a small number of holiday bells for an extended period of time. It is advised that users follow other players on the server if they are actively seeking for the bell because they are probably also completing tasks and are aware of where to obtain collectibles.

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