How to Get All the Orange Pebbles in Disney Fantasy Valley

There is a ton of strange items to be found at Disney’s Valley of Dreams. You can start all kinds of amazing adventures with doorknobs, socks, and other strange objects as long as you unintentionally pick up a task item. Pebbles and orange potatoes, on the other hand, are in a league of their own. Keep your eyes open as you explore the Valley of Dreams in quest of these little pebbles; there are 20 of them to find. To obtain all of the orange stones, players can prepare enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts in the game.

Where to Buy All the Orange Pebbles in Disney Dreams Valley of Lights

Mickey’s Chamber of Secrets – Three

An orange pebble is located close to the chartreuse sofa on the right as you enter the space. In the far right corner, between the two bookcases, is another. A third Orange Pebble, however, is tucked away in a hidden chamber that can only be reached by positioning certain books on particular shelves.

Regular Fantasy Castle Area – Three

On the left of the entryway, behind the pillar, is a cobblestone. A sizable pillar with planets floating on it is located behind another on the third level. The third one is adjacent to the potted plants on the upper floor.

Ratatouille Kingdom – One

This one can be found on the floor near a plate of peanuts.

Kingdom of Moana – Four

The first pebble is located not far from where you approach the region, just at the end of the shoreline. The second will be close to the boat’s nearby campfire. Aside from that, look behind the rocks along the beach’s fruit plants. The last one in the vicinity is situated on a slope beneath a misaligned palm tree.

Toy Story Kingdom – Four

Look for the red backpack in the corner once you are on the field. Next to it is where the first cobblestone will be. The second is next to the illustrations of an elephant and a penguin in the left-hand corner of the closet. One is next to a blue book in Bonnie’s bedroom. Behind the flower stand adjacent to Bonnie’s bed is the final pebble. It was placed next to the navy blanket that hung by the bed.

Frozen Realm – Three

The enchanted forest is where these three will be. When it comes into this realm, it will be behind the stone pillar next to the orange stone that is closest to the fire. At the T-junction on the trail into the forest, the other is lying on the ground close to two boulders. On Elsa’s ice bridge, there is a pebble at last. It will be close to the fantasy castle’s exit.

Wall-E Field – Two

The first orange pebble is close to the workbench. Keep an eye out for the “???” signs to let you know you’re close, even if they can be difficult to see. The final cobblestone may be found on the ground close to the tree after you’ve passed the tree and the trash heap and reached a location with a sizable flagstone.

Orange Potatoes

Once all 20 Orange Pebbles have been gathered, Orange Potatoes can be made. Create an orange potato from the “Functional Items” menu at the crafting station. Then, if you don’t already have one, make sure to build an Empty Vial because you’ll need it to make the Electringing Orange Potion.

If producing vials is too time-consuming, they can instead be bought from Kristoff’s Stall. The electric orange potion can also be created from the functional items page once the two ingredients are prepared.

The secret mission is finished once the electrified orange potion has been created. The electric orange potion has not yet been proven useful. The description just states that it’s not your typical potato smoothie and that it’s packed with thrilling magic, indicating that it might be useful. It concludes the in-depth tutorial on how to complete the orange pebble quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, where players can purchase discounted in-game Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts.

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