Destiny 2: How to Complete Crossfire Challenges

Destiny 2’s latest raid, The Nightmare Origins, has finally started releasing its exclusive encounter challenges. A second Crossfire went live last week for the second Scission encounter. However, some players will need instructions on how to properly complete this challenge. This guide will help Destiny 2 players understand and complete the Firefight challenges in the Nightmare Origins Raid. Players can prepare enough Destiny 2 Silver in the game.

How to Beat Destiny 2 Crossfire Challenges

To complete the Firefight challenge in Destiny 2 Nightmare Origins, players must shoot the opposing Diamond Butt to jump over the gap. If you’re a light side runner, you’ll need another dark side player to shoot you on diamond difficulty, and vice versa.

Also, you have to use the launch pad to get across the gap. Using techniques like swords and well slides, as well as Strand grappling hooks, will fail the challenge. This encounter is pointless if you want to complete the master mode challenges.

To eliminate misunderstanding and streamline the process, it is best to designate a player on either side of the room to handle the corresponding stickiness in order to defeat Crossfire. The Scision encounter is still the same, so proceed as usual with the exception of needing to fire the other side of the chamber.

Master Difficulty Variations

For players attempting to complete the challenge on Master difficulty in a raid, there is one major change to be aware of. As expected, more enemies spawn and have higher health, making them harder to defeat. However, on the second and third levels, with the Anti-Barrier Colossus, the Unstoppable Torch will spawn. Enemy-controlled players should use appropriate weapons against these two champions; otherwise, they’ll be a terrible getaway.

Once you reach the third level and defeat all enemies, the Crossfire challenge is complete. Players will be rewarded with an exclusive Adept version of Acasia’s Dejection Trace rifle.

While the boss fight in Nightmare Origins was challenging, the combat challenge in Destiny 2 requires numerous Guardians to work together in order to earn additional rewards. With the exception of the anti-barrier colossus and the unstoppable burner on the higher tier, the master difficulty is essentially the same. Players shouldn’t give up if it takes several tries to complete the Crossfire Challenge, especially if the jump pads are uneven. With enough stamina, fireteams and Destiny 2 top up can obtain some rare stuff from the Nightmare Origins raid.

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