How To Open Ruin Doors In Genshin Impact

Teyvat’s universe is full of innumerable puzzles that keep the player from getting where they want to go. You will encounter a huge gate blocking your path during the Khvarena of Good and Evil World Quest, preventing you from obtaining one of the great melodies. In order to unlock the ruin gate in Genshin Impact, players will need to have saved up enough Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals for the game.

How to Solve the Ruin Gate Puzzle

Players may encounter a door in the Khvarena of Good and Evil World Quest from Genshin Impact that they must open by solving a simple riddle. The answer to the Relic Gate is in Rene’s notes from his investigation, as Nassuna disclosed. Players can go to Genshin Impact to gather the required Great Songs with the help of Nasejuna. One of these was discovered buried down beneath Khaenri’ahn’s ruins. Make sure you’re ready before beginning because there will be lots of riddles and challenging foes.

Travelers in Genshin Impact must ascertain the proper symbols and their commands in order to open the gates of the ruins. Turn the gear to expose all three sorts of runes, says Nasejuna, revealing Rene’s sleuthing notes. Make sure the triangle rune at the bottom connects to the square rune without modifying the triangle. To summarize:

The three runes (square, triangle, and W) must be discernible.

Triangles and squares must be joined.

There is no need to alter the triangular rune at the bottom.

The riddle to unlock the gate to the ruins is so straightforward that, in the unlikely event that the traveler forgets it, they just need to speak to Nasejuna one more to have him repeat it. Regarding gamers who like certain responses:

W rune on top

square rune in the middle

triangle rune at bottom

Fortunately, the runes are not linked, so changing one won’t interfere with the other symbols.

How to solve the second Relic Gate puzzle

After defeating the enemies trapped in the crystal, the player will be given the required power block and must find a way out. Fortunately, another road leads to Nasejuna, locked behind a second gate. The previously used Khvarena will wander around the room, occasionally passing the wall behind the gear. As it does so, it displays the order in which to turn the three gears; Square, W, and Square. After this, the player must fight some of the Relic Guardians and collect Genshin Impact’s Khvarena Song.

That’s everything you need to know about how to open the gates of ruins in Genshin Impact, players can buy a lot of Genshin Impact Top Up in the game to help open the gates of ruins.

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