Genshin Impact: How to Unlock the Molten Fortress Realm

Players should attempt to figure out how to open locations like Molten Iron Fortress since there are numerous artifacts in Genshin Impact that need to be unlocked. In Genshin Impact, the Hidden Realm is home to a variety of relics and other things that boost character power. The Molten Iron Fortress is one of the hidden realms that you must discover and open in order to obtain certain goods that will strengthen your character. Additionally, players must have a certain amount of Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals prepared for the game.

Genshin Impact: Unlocks the Molten Fortress realm

You must finish the following requirements in Genshin Impact before you may access the Molten Iron Fortress Domain:

You need to be Adventure Level 22

Your character needs to reach the Hadramavis Desert

The Sandbelt section of the Meru Desert is where you’ll locate the Molten Iron Fortress realm. From Three Canal Sands, turn northwest if you need further details. To the northwest of the map, take the main thoroughfare. An symbol for the domain will show up after you open the map. You’ll encounter a wandering Seelie on your small excursion before the domain icons show.

Once you locate it, simply interact with the door to unlock it as you continue your quest. Bring at least one Dendro character, as the Molten Iron Fortress Domain of Genshin Impact increases the element’s reflexes.

Start repairing the object right now. Thankfully, the domain name did not appear on Genshin Impact’s list of the most difficult domain names to remember. You’ll come across two Hilichurl Rogues and two normal Ax Mitachurls.

You can use the Vourukasha’s Glow and Nymph’s Dream artifact sets after defeating foes in Genshin Impact and opening the Molten Iron Fortress Domain. Water damage is accelerated by these artifacts. Therefore, if your character is based on Hydro, this mini-adventure won’t be in vain.

Additionally, you can blend and combine them with different clothes to strengthen your character even more. It’s time to travel to Sand Maiden now that you are aware of how to access this domain and what you may obtain there. For later needs, you can always teleport there after it is opened.

What are the Molten Iron Fortress Domain Artifact Rewards in Genshin Impact?

You can try to obtain both Vourukasha’s Glow and Nymph’s Dream Artifact using this domain. Your character will be strengthened by these artifact sets. A two-piece Nymph’s Dream, for instance, will raise your water damage by 15%. Excellent for players who frequently use characters with a hydrodynamic foundation. Genshin Impact Top Up must be purchased in large quantities by players in order to aid in obtaining Molten Iron Fortress Domain Artifact Rewards.

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