Elden Ring: Where To Find The Fallingstar Beast And How To Defeat It

Elden Ring contains a huge four-legged beast with a long spiked tail and a scary looking centipede like head, however this creature made of gravity rock has a high life span and a strong resistance to various physical attacks and will take time to kill. So this guide aims to show players where to find the Fallingstar Beast and how they can defeat it in Elden Ring. If you need to purchase in-game items during the game, you can purchase a good supply of Cheap Elden Ring Runes in advance to facilitate the purchase of in-game items.

Fallingstar Beast Overview

The Fallingstar Beast is a boss that you will encounter in several different places in the game. it is fast, has a wide range of attacks and has a powerful attack. However, once you learn the boss’s moves, it is not too difficult to take down.

Where to find the Fallingstar Beast in Elden Ring

Inside the Sellia Crystal Tunnels, east of Caelid

Southwest of the Phantom Tree ruins on the out-of-favour outer wall of Altus Plateau

Mature Fallingstar Beast located southwest of Gelmir Campfire on the Ninth Hill of Gelmir Mountain

How to defeat the Fallingstar Beast

The Mature Fallingstar Beast has a huge blood bar and is clad in heavy armour all over. However, it takes extra damage to its head and back, so aim your attacks there if possible, and be prepared for long fights too.

Stage 1

Charge: The beast always starts the fight with this attack. It will lower its head and open its jaws before running at you, repeating it two to three times in a row. You can break the boss’s stance with a powerful projectile or a well-timed dash attack, as it will charge at you here.

Sweep: It will step back, curl its tail to one side and hold it in place for a moment before sweeping at you, dealing bleeding damage if it connects with you. Roll backwards to avoid it.

ROCKING: The Boss will dig its jaws into the ground and then throw rocks at you after a short delay. (It can also do this with its tail). Simply roll.

Rock Blast: The beast will dig its jaws into the ground and then pull them out, creating a huge rock blast around it.

Ball Slam: It will jump into the air, roll into a ball and then slam at you a few moments later. Roll to one side before it makes contact.

Snatch Attack. The beast will step back, bring its jaws together and then lunge forward, trying to grab you with its jaws. Roll backwards to avoid falling into this attack.

Gravity Bolt: The boss’s eyes will glow purple and its jaws will close together before pulling a rock spike from the ground beneath you twice in quick succession, followed by a third, larger rock spike AOE. Once the ground beneath you begins to shimmer and glow purple, be ready to duck aside. After dodging the second spike, dash to the side to get out of range of the boulder spikes.

Stage 2

Anti-Gravity: The beast always starts the second phase with this attack. Its eyes will glow purple and the air around the boss will distort and become charged. It will then lift you (and any other players nearby) into the air, hold you there for a moment, and then slam you into the ground. When you see the boss begin to end this attack, simply sprint to get out of range.

Energy Beam: After charging at you twice, the boss will fire a deadly beam of energy at you from its eyes instead of charging at you a third time. The beam is difficult to dodge and if it connects, it can easily kill you with a single shot. Your best bet is to hide behind the boss and avoid this together. While waiting for the effect to end, take a few hits on its tail.

This is a guide to finding the Fallingstar Beast in Elden Ring and how to defeat it. If you found this guide helpful, you can follow our blog at 600pu.com to read more guides on the game.

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