Tower of Fantasy: How To Unlock Access And Use The Jetboard

As players travel through Tower of Fantasy, many items will be unlocked, and within these items, you will find relics, pieces of technology that can be used to help travel through the world, fight enemies, and also uncover hidden secrets. As the game progresses, acquiring resources in the game becomes more and more important. So this guide will tell players how to unlock and use the Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy here, players can also buy enough Tower of Fantasy Tanium to help equip items in the game.

What is the Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy?

The Jetboard is a must-have element in Tower of Fantasy and is part of the technology that players must use. Very similar to a vehicle, the Jetboard allows you to get from point A to point B much faster than on foot.

How to unlock the Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy

To unlock and acquire the Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy, players simply need to complete the story mission in the game. This quest usually takes a long time to get him, but that’s all right.

It is vital that you unlock Jetboard in the first chapter of the game before heading to the Banges.

When you finish the first chapter of Tower of Fantasy and move on to the second chapter, you will need to say goodbye to Paru in the Astra Shelter.

Leave Astra and start exploring the rest of the map, which is when you’ll get the Surfing Relic.

With the Surfing Relic you open up the way to unlock the Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy!

With the Jetboard you will be able to cross the bay and reach Bangs Pier.

How to use the Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy

The Jetboard’s skill is to dash forward, dealing 380% of your attack and firing at the target. You can use it while swimming and it has a 90 second cooldown. Although it is similar to a vehicle and is used to transport relics, unlike a vehicle, the Jetboard can only work on water. You can summon it on land, but it doesn’t move fast at all. Instead, it moves very quickly when searching up and down rivers and across oceans, so the only chance to use the Jetboard on land is when you’re going downhill.

To do this in-game, head to the menu in the top right corner of the screen and click Relic to access the Relic menu. Click Deploy at the bottom to select the Relic you want to assign to the hotkey. the Jetboard can be used on any body of water and it allows you to slide across the water at will using the arrow keys and the jump key. In doing so, however, never let go of the arrow keys, because once you do you will fall into the water. And avoid hitting the dodge or sprint buttons, as these will unload your Jetboard and you’ll need to wait for it to finish its cooldown before you can use it again.

That’s all for our guide to unlocking and using Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy, if you can follow our steps above, you can get Jetboard as well. Finally, I hope you can subscribe to our blog, where we will continue to update for more news and guides about Tower of Fantasy.

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