Tower of Fantasy: How to Enter and Complete the Stargate

Star Quest is one of five select activities available in Tower of Fantasy, which provides you with progressively difficult waves of enemies that, when defeated, are rewarded with upgrade materials. Participating in this activity is essential if you want your character to become stronger in the game’s experience. So this article will introduce you how to enter and complete the star gate of the Tower of Fantasy, you can prepare enough Tower of Fantasy Tanium for completing the star gate.

How to enter the star gate in the Tower of Fantasy

To access the stargates in the Tower of Fantasy, you first need to find them on the map. It’s actually pretty easy to find, they’ll appear as a spinning blue icon on the map, but it’s important to note that only six gates appear each day. And whether or not you’ve explored the area before, they’re all likely to be on the map. If you want to find and interact with these gates in the Tower of Fantasy, you’ll need to go to that location, and it’s easy to get there. When you enter and complete the mission of the star gate, you will get some corresponding rewards. These include Nanofiber Frames, Booster Frames, Nanocoating, Gold, Crystal Dust, Experience and other upgrades.

How to complete the stargate in the Tower of Fantasy

Once inside the Stargate, players need to face off against three increasingly challenging waves of enemies and survive.

The first wave is just some ordinary mobs, which can be easily defeated without spending too much time on the player.

The second wave consists of at least two larger monsters and three or four smaller enemies, the big and small bosses you often see on open world maps. Larger monsters will summon shields that you need to break, and their shields will gradually protect their elemental weaknesses on higher difficulties.

The third wave is a combination of two large creatures with high damage and high health, and when playing against them, you’ll want to activate Fantasia as much as possible and have healing weapons or lots of good food, which will make it easier for you to succeed .

Once you enter the gates of the Tower of Fantasy, you are immediately teleported to the arena where you must fight, and these enemies are usually of the same level as you. Although somewhere they may be higher than you, but you can still beat them too. Because they will attack you as soon as you start entering the gate, make sure you are prepared before entering the gate. All you have to do here is keep fighting, and once you’ve finished defeating the last enemy, you’ll be rewarded for completing the stargate.

No matter how strong the enemy is, you have to focus on fighting the enemy all the time. There is no time limit on the star gate. If you take too much damage at the beginning, you can retreat in time, so you need to be as careful as possible in the battle. The above is the specific guide to complete the star gate in the Tower of Fantasy. If you think this guide is helpful to you, please subscribe to for more game guides about the Tower of Fantasy.

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