Fastest Wide Receiver Used In Madden 23

The NFL’s wide receiver position is known for players with agility, so finding the fastest wide receivers in the Madden 23 can make a player the master of the offense. Wide receivers are a key part of the offensive lineup, standing on the outermost side of the offensive line, catching the ball for yards or executing their specialties, players who want to plan for effective scoring in the game can read this guide to learn how to play in Madden 23 The fastest wide receivers used in Madden 23, also players need to buy enough Madden 23 coins in Madden 23 to help increase the player’s movement speed.

Fastest Speed Rating among Madden 23 Mid-Wide Receivers

Here are the top 10 speed ratings for wide receiver positions in Madden 23:

Tyreek Hill (Miami Dolphins): 99

Jameson Williams (Detroit Lions): 98

Quez Watkins (Philadelphia Eagles): 98

Jaylen Waddle (Miami Dolphins): 97

Mecole Hardman (Kansas City Chiefs): 97

Marquise Brown (Arizona Cardinals): 97

Anthony Schwartz (Cleveland Browns): 96

Robbie Anderson, Carolina Panthers: 96

Marquise Goodwin (Seattle Seahawks): 96

Tyquan Thornton (New England Patriots): 95

Above are the top 10 speed ratings for Madden 23’s mid-wide receiver positions, and six other wide receivers also have a speed rating of 95 in the game: Calvin Austin III (Pittsburgh Steelers), Dan R. Chisena (Minnesota Vikings), Andy Isabella (Arizona Cardinals), DK Metcalf (Seattle Seahawks), Marquez Valdes-Scantlin (Kansas) City Chiefs) and John Rose III (free agency).

For players who like to play franchise mode with draft picks, this list should be a great asset in finding multiple quick foreign picks. Players can choose Tyreke Hill (97 OVR), DK Metcalf (89 OVR) or Jaylen Waddell (84 OVR) as their top foreign players in Madden 23, and then in the late game Get some other players from this list in the draft. Some of these players will also be excellent kickers and returners in Madden 23.

By reading that list of speed ratings above, Madden 23 players will be happy to find a quick wide receiver who can laugh at their opponents when it matters. Tyreek Hill’s OVR is an astonishing 97, speed is 99, ACC of 99, AGI of 98 and COD of 99. And he’s also on the Superstar X-Factor roster, which means you can use his X-Factor skills to give you a special advantage.

Also on the roster are several promising up-and-comers. Rookie Jameson Williams and third-year wide receiver Quez Watkins finished second and third with 98. We’re sure we’ll see these guys get the fastest wide receiver on the Madden 23 roster time and time again.

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