Elden Ring: How To Craft And Where To Find Crafting Recipes

Crafting is a new mechanic added by Elden Ring that allows players to combine resources to craft useful items that can help players travel through the Lands Between. Like many open-world games, Elden Ring has crafting, and getting into crafting is simple, all players need is an Elden Ring crafting kit and a variety of recipes all over the world. So this guide will provide information to help players get kits and crafting recipes in Elden Ring, players can also buy Cheap Elden Ring Runes in the game to help with crafting.

Crafting Kit Location

Players wanting to craft items in Elden Ring will need a crafting kit, which is easy to obtain and only needs to be acquired within minutes of starting the game. All the player needs is to go to Elleh Church in Limgrave and buy a crafting kit from Merchant Kalé, an NPC dressed in red. The crafting kit requires 500 runes, so make sure you have enough runes before trying to buy them. With this item, players can craft unlimited times. Acquiring this beneficial ability is well worth it.

However, it is worth noting that although the distance from the starting position of the game and Elleh Church is very short, if the player has just started the game and has not leveled up, beware of the Tree Sentinel, a large warrior in golden armor on horseback in the area. miniboss.

How to Craft

Once players have a crafting kit, they will have a new “Item Crafting” option in their menu.

Selecting this section will open a crafting menu where players can view the items they can craft and the materials they need.

To craft, players will have to choose the item they want to create and confirm their choice since they have the appropriate resources.

Players can learn how to use and navigate the crafting system, so acquiring materials is the rest of the crafting challenge.

Crafting menus often display additional materials needed for an item, and even provide location displays for the player.

Players can easily find the source of these resources and acquire them by exploring in the game.

Players can also collect most of the materials by clearing the land or defeating enemies.

Where to Find Crafting Recipes

Crafting is available almost immediately after reaching the middle ground. The only item you need to get started is the Crafting Kit, which can be purchased for 300 runes from Merchant Kalé at Elleh Church, located a few steps northwest of the open Stranded Graveyard cave. After purchasing a crafting kit, players receive crafting recipes that allow players to create basic items that will serve them throughout the game. In addition, players can also obtain other crafting recipes, resulting in excellent items that were previously unavailable. Recipes can be obtained by:

Discover in different locations throughout the open world

Found at the end of the dungeon

Found in a guard’s chest

Plunder in the land of Between

Dropped by enemies or bosses

Granted by NPC

buy from merchant

This is a guide on how to craft and where to find the recipes in Elden Ring. If you find this article helpful, please subscribe to 600pu.com for more information and guides on Elden Ring.

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