How To Get To The End Fast In Minecraft’s New Nether Update

Reaching the end point in Minecraft is undoubtedly the most important goal for the player in the game. The player who joins the end can work harder and become more prosperous after building a house in the game. Although there is no general goal direction, it can be a bit boring in the process of the game, but the process of reaching the end point also requires steps and projects. So this guide aims to tell players how to get to the finish line quickly in Minecraft’s new Nether update. Players can also buy enough Minecraft for Windows Game Coins to help them reach the finish line during the game.

Getting to the End in Minecraft

In order for the player to reach the end smoothly, the player needs to use the end portal. However, end portals are not as simple as making nether portals, they must be found in strongholds.

The fortress is a room that can only be found using the Eye of Ender, and the Eye of Ender can be crafted using an ender pearl.

Ender pearls are frequently dropped by endermen and are very dangerous to fight against, once they are killed, the player can collect the pearls they drop.

Eyes of ender are created by combining ender pearls with blaze powder.

When the player finds the stronghold, they will need to activate the end portal, which can be activated by the player using the 12 Eyes of Ender, but needs to be collected by killing endermen.

Once the player has collected all the eyes and placed them in the frame inside the fortress, the portal will be opened and the player can go through the portal to the end.

The Faster Way to Get to the End in Minecraft

There are two ways to get to the end faster in Minecraft.

The first way to help the Nether update is to grind endermen in the Nether using the new biomes available. These biomes contain a variety of new mobs and environments, among them Twisted Forest is a biome that contains a large number of endermen, where farming can be done in the traditional way, endermen are not afraid of rain or a day and night cycle, which is a player staying Great place to come down and grind endermen for pearls. At the same time, this is also a very dangerous place. If players want to survive this difficulty, they need to be fully prepared.

The second way to collect the Eye of Ender is to trade with piglins. Piglins are new creatures in the Nether that can be exchanged for gold ingots. Longtime fans should be familiar with the piglins found in the Nether, these creatures are unique and can interact in a number of different ways. Because gold ingots are difficult to obtain in the game, most players will accumulate a certain amount of supply towards the end of the game. Eyes of Ender traded from piglins have a 4% chance, but when they are dropped, they drop in groups of 4 to 8. This is very good news for players, and this opportunity should not be missed in order to get their eyes.

The above is a specific guide on how to quickly reach the end point in Minecraft’s new nether update. If players find this guide useful, they can go to the game and try to see if they can quickly reach the end point according to the above method. See for more Minecraft game news and guides.

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