Final Fantasy XIV: Island Sanctuary Guide

In addition to the new raid dungeons, new equipment or continuation of the main scene, the new content of Final Fantasy XIV is the most high-profile place in the island sanctuary. This island will become a small wilderness for players to explore by themselves. Descend this idyllic paradise to the ground with the help of razing it, clearing the jungle, then rebuilding your new home, unlocking new mounts and minions. So this article aims to give players a guide to the island sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV, and players can also prepare a lot of Final Fantasy XIV Gil for rebuilding their homes.

How to Unlock and Enter the Island Reserve

The FFXIV Island Sanctuary is an instantiated location where players can explore, farm items, and hunt creatures so that they can recreate a resting place after saving the world, but this feature is for players who have completed the main scenario quest “Endwalker”.

Once you’ve fulfilled this requirement, just look for the Ignorant Weeper NPC in Old Xia Le’an (X:11.9 Y:11.0) who issued the “Find Shelter” quest. Once launched, you’ll complete a series of tasks that introduce the concept behind the island.

After that, go to Lower La Noscea and speak to Baldin (X:24.9 Y:34.8) to unlock your island. If you leave your island, you can return by talking to Baldin.

How to invite others to your island

You must complete Felicitious Furball’s initial quest and create your Cozy Cabin before enabling access for guests.

Once you’ve done this, you can press the “Settings” icon in the Islekeep index menu to choose who you want to allow on your island: friends, free company members, and party members.

To visit an acquaintance’s island, you must complete the main quest “Ultimate Weapon”. Once you do, interact with Baldin in Lower La Noscea and use the “Go to an acquaintance’s island” option.

What to do in your island reserve

The island is divided into sections, each with different locations and things to do.

Cozy Cabins, Farmland and Pastures

The Cozy Cabin is the main building on the island and is where others can visit you. The hut also has an orchestra to play your favorite tunes. In Cozy Cabin, you can not only take photos with friends, but also find important NPCs. You can also buy gear and materials for equipment, since it’s the only customizable building you can change its appearance. Farmland can grow different types of plants, to interact with it, you can first switch to seed mode to sow seeds, then switch to water mode to water the plantation. The ranch is where the player captures all the mobs, and feed, pet and summon modes are used in this area to increase the relationship with each mobs.

Workshops and Landmarks

The workshop is an important processing facility that produces handicrafts for export. You can talk to the Overwatch NPC to work on the Isleworks Agenda. Landmarks are the second type of facility, and they build block structures that give you experience and buffs to NPC workers on the island.


All the rest of the island reserve is filled with wilderness, a fairly large area where players can receive nodes for gathering materials. Players can also find a variety of creatures in The Wilds, from little sheep to the famous chocobo. These can be captured and kept in pastures by using capture mode along with items that confine them, such as temporary nets.

Once you understand the specific guidelines above, you can easily create your own island preserve. If you still need to know more guide in Final Fantasy XIV, please subscribe to

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