Tower of Fantasy: How to Complete the Co-op Thrust Challenge

In the world travel of the Dream Tower, players need to complete many tasks to unlock the many secrets hidden in this world. There are also many challenges in the game that you need help with, one of the mission types is the co-op push mission, if you need to know how to complete the co-op push challenge, then read this guide, we will show you how to complete the fantasy tower Players can also prepare plenty of Tower of Fantasy Tanium in the game.

How to Complete the Tower of Fantasy Co-op Thrust Challenge

If the player just wants to complete the story mode of the game, then there is no need to do these puzzles. But to get the most out of the game, you should understand how to complete these co-op push challenges, and you’ll need the assistance of other players to complete the co-op push challenges in Tower of Fantasy. In this challenge, players need to push up on two ledges on a wall at the same time, similar to a cooperative weight challenge that requires players to step on a pressure plate on the ground.

After clicking on the ledge, the protective barrier will disappear and you will get a treasure chest with valuable rewards. The game world has many puzzles, so explore every corner to get as many valuable rewards as possible. On the other hand, if you don’t want to solve these puzzles, you don’t have to. Thanks to them, you’ll get some rewards, but that doesn’t affect the current gameplay.

In order to solve co-op thrust challenges and collect your rewards, you will need to play with at least one other person. Have one player push one of the protruding parts, while the other pushes the second. There is a small window between pushing the first and second, so there is no need to push both at the same time.

If you play solo, you can still solve co-op challenges without other players. But you need to have a quick reaction to do so. You have to push one of them in, and once it starts to plug in, dash towards the other and push in. If you do it fast enough, the barrier will drop, allowing you to get the chest.

It may take a few tries to get the time down, but with enough determination and practice, you can tackle this puzzle on your own. If you’re in trouble, you can lure the enemy and have them push another piece, but that’s probably more frustrating than trying to do it yourself. This technique also works for cooperative weight challenges.

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