Bless Unleashed: How To Update Your Equipmet

In MMORPGs, there are always powerful bosses to kill, whether it’s an ogre, a fire-breathing dragon, or a gigantic demon. In order to effectively defend against these threats in the game, players need to ensure that their characters have the best equipment, and the guarantee that players are ready for battle is to upgrade their equipment. So this article aims to introduce players how to update new equipment in Bless Unleashed, you can also prepare enough Bless Unleashed currency for upgrading equipment in the game.

Learn about enhancements

Updating equipment in-game to keep yourself in battle against powerful foes is essential and complex, starting with players finding Enhanced Artisan NPCs, characters that allow players to increase their gear’s stats and gear score. With the help of these NPCs, players can enhance their equipment to level 5. After reaching level 5, equipment can be upgraded to the next rarity level. The upgrade process can be lengthy, depending on the amount of gear involved. There are three types of gear enhancements in Bless Unleashed: Normal, Master, and Unlicensed. Gear Master NPCs can provide players with more specific information about enhancements, but enhancing gear does not guarantee that the gear will be intact, and a failed upgrade will damage the gear.

Common abilities are the most common type of enhancements that players use, and these enhancements require Gold, Artifact Fragments, and Artifact Cores. The exact cost depends on the item’s defense rating. Failure to upgrade the equipment will result in broken and weakened enhancements, and will also reduce one defense rating, requiring it to be repaired.

Master enhancements are relatively rare, and players need to use Star Seeds. Master Enhancement has a lower chance of successfully upgrading equipment than normal Enhancement, but there is no penalty for failure of Master Enhancement, which is also safer than Normal Enhancement.

Unlicensed enhancements can only be used in Outlaw Village. Although it is cheaper to upgrade equipment in this way, it also has a fatal flaw: if the unlicensed enhancement fails to upgrade, the equipment may be permanently lost. For players, this kind of The risk is too great to accept.

How to Enhance equipment

Augmenting gear is mechanically easy, and players can resume leveling up immediately.

But to enhance a piece of equipment, players need to interact with an equipment expert and then highlight the equipment they wish to improve.

The “Available Fortifications” tab will then appear, provided the player has all the required materials.

Hold down the interact button to enhance this item.

Finally, prompt the player whether the enhancement is successful.

If the item is damaged during the upgrade process, strengthening the equipment does not guarantee that the equipment will be restored to its original state, because the equipment will be damaged if the upgrade fails. Characters can use Artifact Cores or Starseeds to purchase repair kits from limited-time merchants so they can return to MMO quests.

How to Unbind Equipment

Unlocking a piece of equipment allows the player to sell it on the market. To unbind a piece of equipment, players need to obtain Unbind Scrolls from time-limited merchants in major cities. After obtaining the Unbound Scroll, ask the player to visit any Enhancement Equipment Specialist and follow these steps:

To unbind a piece of equipment, the player needs to interact with the equipment expert and then highlight the device they want to unbind.

The label “Unbound Items” will then appear, provided that the player has the required materials,

Press and hold the interact button to “unbind” the item.

If the unbinding is successful, there will be a notification to remind the player at the end.

The above is the specific guide for updating equipment in Bless Unleashed. If you want to know more about the specific guide of Bless Unleashed, please subscribe to for more information.

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