Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Fat Cuts and How to Get Fat Cuts

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world title filled with lots of things to do and collect. Most of the resources players collect are used to cook recipes, and Fatty Cuts are a rare cooking ingredient that is hard for players to obtain in-game. So this article will guide players how to get Fatty Cuts in the Tower of Fantasy and how to lose fat. Players can prepare in advance if they need Tower of Fantasy Tanium to lose fat in the game.

Where to Find Fat Reduction in Tower of Fantasy

Of all the cooking ingredients in the game, Fatty Cuts are one of the rarest, a food that cannot be found early on and can only be obtained after exploring the Crown Mine.

At the beginning of the game Fatty Cuts has very high radiation levels and not many resources. With a little patience and exploration, players can add all these beautiful locations to their maps.

In addition to Crown Mines, Wanderers can also find Fatty Cuts in the Banges area of ​​the Tower of Dreams, where there is little radiation; however, finding them is not always guaranteed. That’s because Fatty Cuts are so rare, which means it’s always going to be hard for wanderers to find them.

Fatty Cuts are mostly found on animals. While a few animals drop this item, it is best to hunt honey badgers as they are more likely to drop fat. Honey badgers are easy to find by the river at Crown Mine.

How To Use Fat Cut In Tower Of Fantasy

After acquiring Fatty Cuts, players can use them to cook bots. There should be no reason for players to eat the Fatty Cut, as it only provides 4 satiety and doesn’t heal the character at all; for satiety and HP, there are better resources to eat directly rather than cook with them. However, adding Fatty Cuts to any recipe that requires it will greatly increase its HP recovery.

Braised Pork


Fat cut x1.


+20 satisfaction

Ice Resistance +15% (20 minutes)

Ice Resistance +675 (20 minutes)

Juicy BLT


Fat loss x1

brown rice x2

Egg x2


+20 satisfaction

Fire Resistance +15% (20 minutes)

Fire Resistance +675 (20 minutes)

That’s all for a guide to finding fat reduction in Minecraft and how to use it. If you find this guide useful, you can subscribe to for more Minecraft guides.

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