WotLK Classic Inscription Upgrade Guide

Inscription is a new class introduced for the first time in Wrath of the Lich King. This crafting class allows players to craft a variety of useful items. This class is completely new to the entire game, so many players don’t know it yet. So in this article, we will tell players about the WotLK Classic Inscription upgrade guide, and players can also prepare enough WotLK Classic Gold in the game.

Inscription Occupation Overview

Inscription classes will be added to the game with the WotLK Classic pre-patch release. It was added to Wrath of the Lich King to allow players to craft glyphs. Glyphs are very similar to enchantments made with enchantments, but they don’t attach to your device. Glyphs have their own page on your talent screen. Glyphs are also tied to equipment, allowing you to sell them on the auction house for money.

At higher levels, Inscription Masters are able to make powerful item enhancements for several different stat combinations, such as Master’s Pinnacle Inscription and Master’s Crag Inscription, making Inscription a worthwhile class for all classes. It also produces Darkmoon Cards, which make up the deck necessary for powerful Darkmoon Faire trinkets. Likewise, at all levels, the Inscriber can craft off-hand items, eventually crafting items like the Face of Doom.

Inscription Required Materials

The shopping list below is the minimum number of ingredients required to complete this upgrade path. When you get to the yellow difficulty level (or worse, the green one), there may be multiple combinations for each skill level.

First, you will need some purchased items. Depending on your luck, you may need slightly more or less of each item:

1x Virtuoso Ink Set

60x lightweight parchment paper

85x plain parchment

75x thick parchment paper

175x stretch parchment

Also, you will need the minimum of the following herbs. You can use any combination of these herbs as long as they are multiples of 5 for grinding. Every five herbs can give you 2-4 pigments. In addition to (common) pigments, herbs named (rare) will give you the best chance of getting rare pigments:

125x Earthroot , Peacebloom , Silverleaf

75x Mageroyal , Briarthorn , Briarthorn , Bruiseweed , Swiftthistle

175x Graveyard Moss, Wild Steel Flower, King Blood, Liferoot

180x Wintersbite , Fadeleaf , Goldthorn , Khadgar’s Beard

245x Tears of Arthas, Firebloom, Purple Lotus, Sunweed, Blindweed, Ghost Mushroom, Blood of Gromus

125x Dreamfoil , Golden Sansam , Icecap, Mountain Silversage , Plaguebloom

180x Dream Radiance,Magic Grass, Rag, Terokang,Ancient Lichen, Mana Thistle, Nether Flower,Nightmare Vine

500x Deadnettle, Fire Leaf , Goldclover , Talandra’s Rose , Adder’s Tongue , Icethorn , Lichbloom

Where to Train Inscriptions


All capital cities have inscription trainers. Inscriptions added after the release of Wrath of the Lich King, these trainers will be able to teach you to the Artisan.


The Horde’s trainer is in Thrallma, and the Alliance’s trainer is in Honor Hold. Dalaran also has two trainers, one at Aldor Heights and one at the astrologer level.


Once in the first leveling area, you can find your Master Trainer in Northrend. These trainers will teach you all the way to Master Inscription.


Once you’re in Dalaran, this will be the best place to level up your Inscription to 450. Here, you’ll find Professor Palin in the Scribe Hall inside the Mage’s Merchant Exchange, who can teach you inscriptions from 1 to 450. Professor Pallin is also standing next to Jessica Sellers, who can exchange your ink for another type of ink. These two together will help you with the power level inscription.

If you want to upgrade inscriptions in WotLK Classic, you need to buy enough WoW WotLK Classic Gold to help you train inscriptions.

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