Tower of Fantasy: How to Increase Crit Rate and Crit Damage

In Tower of Fantasy, crit rate is an important attribute that many players want to improve. In the Tower of Fantasy, brave adventurers need to face powerful enemies and world bosses, so getting critical hits is the key to deal a lot of damage, which is very important in the heat of battle. This guide will tell players how to increase the crit rate and how to increase the crit damage in the Tower of Fantasy. If players want to increase the crit rate faster in the game, they can buy enough Tower of Fantasy Tanium.

What is the crit rate of the Tower of Fantasy

Critical hit rate is the probability of dealing a critical hit, and an attack does more damage than a normal attack. The higher the crit chance, the higher the chance of dealing higher damage. Therefore, having a high crit chance will ensure that the player crits multiple times against enemies to resolve them quickly. In Tower of Fantasy, players can check the critical strike rate from the character tab.

The difference between crit rate and critical strike power

The main difference between crit rate and critical strike power is that the former is how likely an attack is to hit a key, and the latter is how much damage it does. Critical hit chance, also called critical chance, is a percentage that shows whether the player’s next attack will deal critical damage. The chance to deal critical damage increases with the percentage. On the other hand, crit and critical damage refers to the extra damage dealt by the move. The higher the number, the better for both crit chance and crit.

How to increase the crit rate of Tower of Fantasy

Unfortunately, there is no way for players to permanently increase their crit rate in the game, but players can increase their total critical strike damage by upgrading gear, acquiring matrices, and enhancing weapons. Alternatively, participants can also gain instant crit charge buffs by choosing SSR weapons such as Shiro’s Sea Wheel, Raven’s Thunderblade, and Samir’s Dual EM Stars. Of all the fantasies in the current game, the crow is the only character with a direct hit rate, so it’s also a good choice for DPS players. By unlocking his first weapon upgrade, Thunder Blade can increase the crit rate of a double-blade attack by 40% if it falls from behind. If the enemy is charged from behind, the critical hit damage is increased by 30%, and the critical hit chance is increased to 100%.

How to increase crit damage in Tower of Fantasy

Critical hit damage is the total damage dealt by the player when the player hits a critical hit. Players can increase critical strike damage by:

Mind Matrix: The matrix found in the Mind tab increases HP and Crit. The rarer the matrix, the higher the gain available. Of the matrices that can be attached to weapons, the Mind Matrix is the most important when dealing lethal damage.

Gloves: Another way to increase critical strike damage is to equip gloves. Go to Backpack, select Gear, then Gloves. So far, the known way to increase crit rate is to use items like Vanguard Gloves, Explorer Gloves, etc. These provide additional attack and crit stats.

That’s all for this guide on how to increase your crit rate and increase your critical strike damage in the Tower of Fantasy. If you enjoy playing this game, you can subscribe to to check out our other guides in Tower of Fantasy.

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